Hitachi Releases Professional Plasma Monitor
Mar 27, 2006
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The Home Electronics Division of Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced its next-generation high-definition (HD) professional plasma monitor, the 42-inch CMP4221U. Designed to deliver sharp, smooth performance across all video and PC graphic applications, the 16:9 HDTV plasma display panel monitor (PDP) supports a broad range of commercial uses, including HDTV video display, document image editing, terminal applications and single- and multi-point AV displays.

The plasma monitor features a 1024 by 1024 pixel resolution and Hi-Vision compatible high-definition ALiS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) technology, a panel driving system and structure that dramatically increases light output, resolution and panel life over conventional designs; Life Extension Control to prolong the display's useful life; Monitor ID Bit functionality allowing independent control of multiple plasma panels; and an RS-232C interface for two-way communication with the PDP, allowing on-the-fly monitoring and performance adjustments.

The company designed the CMP4221U with a wide range of interface options, providing both HDMI and standard VGA analog computer interfaces and separate HDMI stereo interfaces for internal and external audio, assuring DVI and HDMI version 1.1 support. Additional features include independent horizontal and vertical scalers for image scaling, a universal power supply compliant with all standard industrial and commercial power sources, an advanced image color filter allowing accurate reproduction of virtually all video and PC images, and an optimized remote control for discrete commands and a minimum instruction set. The monitor is FCC Class B compliant and comes with an On-Screen Display (OSD) key lock, auto adjust features for PC operation, a sleep timer and multiple screen savers, dual S-video inputs, dual component and composite inputs, discrete IR inputs and a composite output.

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