Syntax-Brillian Signs Supply Agreement with LG.Philips LCD
Mar 20, 2006
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Consumer electronics maker Syntax-Brillian Corp. announced a strategic supply agreement with LG.Philips LCD, a leading thin-film transistor LCD (TFT-LCD) manufacturer. Under the agreement, LG.Philips LCD will significantly expand its supply of large and wide LCD TV panels to Syntax-Brillian.

The deal is expected to help LG.Philips LCD and Syntax-Brillian solidify their leadership roles in the LCD TV panel and overall TV set markets, respectively.

The agreement includes the full line of LG.Philips panels: 20-inch, 23-inch, 32-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch, and 47-inch, with the majority of panels in the high-demand 37-inch and 42-inch form factor.

"This strategic supply agreement, an extension of our existing relationship with LG.Philips LCD, is important to Syntax-Brillian on several fronts," said Vincent F. Sollitto, Syntax-Brillian chairman and CEO. "It provides a significant volume of TFT-LCD panels in 2006 to support our planned expansion of the Olevia brand worldwide, and further strengthens our relationship with the world's leading LCD panel supplier."

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