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Panasonic Releases Audio Players, Stereo Systems
Oct 19, 2005
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Panasonic, the leading brand by which Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is known, announced four new D-snap audio digital audio players and two micro stereo systems that offer ubiquity and usability of the SD Memory Card.

The new SD stereo systems are CD and FM/AM radio players featuring a large-capacity, built-in hard disk drive (HDD) with an SD Memory Card slot. Without using a computer, users can load up to 40,000 songs on the HDD and copy tunes on SD Memory Cards. All the new SD audio products will be released to the Japanese market on Nov. 19, 2005.

The D-snap Audio players, the SV-SD750V, SV-SD700, SV-SD350V, and SV-SD300, reportedly offer clear sound using Panasonic's D.sound Engine LSI that incorporates digital amplifier, re-master and personal surround sound functions as well as four equalizers on a single chip. The LSI enables reproducing sound as close to the original as possible. The SD750V and SD700 come with double-drive in-ear earphones that employ two separate drivers for low-range and mid- and high-range frequencies to deliver balanced, high-quality sound.

The SD750V and SD700 audio players measure 86 (H) by 46 (W) by 9.9 (D) mm and weigh only 53 g, including the rechargeable battery. Without moving mechanical parts, the units are skip-proof and have large touch-sensitive buttons. The players have 45 hours of music on a single charge. When using the rechargeable battery and one AA dry cell together, the SD750V will play continuously for 105 hours. The battery is charged to full capacity in just 2 hours. Equipped with an FM global tuner, they can receive, record and playback FM radio broadcasts worldwide. Additionally, the SD750V and SD350V have voice recording capabilities.

The new SD stereo systems are available in two storage capacities, 80 GB (SC-SX800) and 40 GB (SC-SX400). The SC-SX800 is capable of saving up to 40,000 songs or 2,640 hours of music (AAC format, LP mode). It stores the equivalent of 2,640 60-minute CDs in the 185 (W) by 150 (H) by 268 (D) mm main unit.

The two models offer high-speed copying, up to 8X high speed from the CD to HDD and up to 12X speed from the HDD to SD Memory Card - a 60-minute CD can be transferred to the HDD in 8 minutes and to the SD Memory Card in 5 minutes. The players automatically create three music lists according to playback frequency, recorded dates and music impressions.

The 256 MB and 128 MB SD Memory Card will be sold as a three-color package consisting of one blue, one white and one red. The color variations help organize the user's music collection. The 256 MB card can store almost 6 hours of music and the 2 GB card, the largest capacity available, can record 46 hours of tunes (AAC, SP mode).

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