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Sharp Introduces 3.6-in Landscape Digital LCD
Jun 1, 2004
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Sharp Corporation and its North American components group Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas have announced the company's first 3.6-in Amorphous Silicon Digital LCD for mobile audio/video devices that are designed in a landscape orientation. The announcement was made at the International Society for Information Display Symposium held in Seattle, WA, U.S.

According to Sharp, the development of this display meets demands for the growing mobile A/V products category. In the past, OEMs developing mobile A/V products have been obliged to use displays designed for PDA applications which are portrait-oriented displays, but have had to tax the computational power from the microprocessor or DSP chip to rotate the images into a landscape orientation. Sharp's digital landscape display is said to improve efficiency by eliminating the need to rotate images on the screen. It also supports TV video standards.

The continued growth in mobile A/V products that combine sound and images is stimulating demand for displays with the capability to view video and graphic content, including photographic images, scenes from TV shows, movies, and news, Sharp says. Engineers developing devices such as portable media players and portable DVD players are demanding that color displays are power-efficient and capable of full-motion video, Sharp says, adding that its new 3.6-in digital display is optimal for this type of application.

Because this new display is backlit by LEDs, the color screen can be continuously dimmed, saving power for other functions. In addition, its native landscape orientation saves computational power that otherwise would be drawn from the ARM processor or DSP to rotate an audio-visual image onto a portrait-oriented display.

"The market for mobile A/V devices is expected to grow sharply in the coming years, and is seen as a natural progression of consumers' desires to move personal content onto a single, portable platform. These devices will fuel demand for digital color displays that allow users to view a wider range of content," said Joel Pollack, vice president of the Display Business Unit at Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas.

The new digital Amorphous Silicon (A-Si) LCD display (product number LQ036Q1DA01), is said to feature LED backlighting, QVGA resolution, an ultra-thin 3.3 mm profile, 300 nits of brightness from 7 LEDs at 17mA each, 350:1 contrast ratio, and NTSC ratio of 45 percent. The display integrates with Sharp's line of BlueStreak(TM) Microcontrollers and System-on-Chip devices, and fits within a full-system solution from Sharp that also includes Flash memory and optoelectronics.

The LQ036Q1DA01 will begin production in September.

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