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Survey Reveals Americans are Receptive to Consumer Electronics from PC Makers
Dec 12, 2003
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According to a survey of 500 American consumers, buying consumer electronics from computer manufacturers is an appealing alternative. The survey, conducted by professional online research firm InsightExpress, , reveals that Americans are reportedly ready for computer companies such as Apple, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, and others to manufacture consumer electronic products.

The survey reveals computer manufacturers have an enormous opportunity to produce and sell consumer electronics that connect to a PC including, PDAs, MP3 players, and digital cameras. Also, with a large "undecided" manufacturing preference for traditional electronics, computer manufacturers have an opportunity to produce and sell camcorders, home theater systems, and even televisions to consumers.

Among consumers likely to purchase electronic devices in the coming year, the survey showed the following results. In the categories of printers and PDAs, 69 and 68 percent, respectively favor computer manufacturers, while in other categories such as MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders, home theater systems, satellite TV receivers, and plasma TVs, results favored traditional manufacturers, but only by a slightly higher percentage.

In selecting computer manufacturers as the provider for consumer electronics, 47 percent of participants cite computer compatibility, 31 percent say the belief that computer manufacturers make great products, 31 percent say overall convenience, and 26 percent say the perception that the products would have the most advanced product features/capabilities.

According to consumers planning to purchase electronics in the coming year, favorable computer manufacturers include HP, Dell, Apple, and Gateway. Americans rated PC makers higher along all evaluated dimensions, including device compatibility, advanced technology, support, features, quality, and price.

"With the growing digital nature of consumer electronics, products from computer manufacturers represent truly viable alternatives in the eyes of the consumer," said Lee Smith, president and COO of InsightExpress. "PC manufacturers are well poised to gain consumer acceptance and long-term share within the consumer electronics market by leveraging their technical superiority, high levels of customer support, and attractive prices."

The results of the survey are listed below.


  • 16 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 69 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 15 percent undecided


  • 19 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 68 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 13 percent undecided


  • 43 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 38 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 19 percent undecided

    Digital Camera

  • 46 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 30 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 24 percent undecided

    Digital Camcorder

  • 55 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 28 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 17 percent undecided

    Home Theater System

  • 58 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 21 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 21 percent undecided

    Satellite TV Receiver

  • 55 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 18 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 27 percent undecided

    Plasma TV

  • 54 percent favoring traditional manufacturers
  • 17 percent favoring computer manufacturers
  • 29 percent undecided

    The survey, conducted in early December, has a data tolerance of +/-4.4 percent.

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