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Frigidaire from Electrolux Announces Water Filtration Systems on its Refrigerators
Mar 21, 2003
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The bottled water industry has experienced a boom in recent years as more consumers have opted for a healthier lifestyle and purer, better-tasting water.

According to the trade journal Beverage Marketing, bottled water consumption in the U.S. rose 8.3 percent in 2000 to more than 5 billion gallons and is expected to grow to 7.3 billion gallons per year by 2005.

It is estimated that a typical family of four consumes two six-packs of bottled water each week for an average cost of U.S. $6, or $300 a year.

Frigidaire from Electrolux—the first manufacturer to introduce ice and water filtration systems in North American refrigerators—offers a water filtration system available on most of its deluxe side by side refrigerators.

Frigidaire’s exclusive PureSource 2™ system features two carbon block filters hermetically sealed in a single cartridge that is located conveniently up front in the refrigerator, above the highest shelf where it doesn’t take up valuable storage space.

PureSource 2™ is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation to filter out more water impurities than any other brand: 99 percent of the chlorine, lead, and mercury found in most public water supplies. The result is said to be cleaner, fresher-tasting ice and water every time.

A filter light on the dispenser control panel tells consumers when the filter is working efficiently (green) and turns from yellow to red when it’s time for a change.

Each PureSource 2™ filter delivers up to 400 gallons of filtered, clean-tasting water for drinking and cooking—about a six-month supply of water.

"PureSource 2™ is a great alternative to buying bottled water," said Mark Chambers, General Manager of Marketing, Electrolux Home Products. "Since a new cartridge at $34.95 needs to be replaced about twice a year, that is still a significant cost savings over bottled water—and consumers get the added benefit of fresher tasting, filtered water right from the refrigerator."

PureSource 2™, available on most deluxe Frigidaire side by sides with ice and water dispensers, reportedly filters more substances than any other major brand. According to National Sanitary Foundation tests, it filters out 98.5 percent of chlorine, 98.6 percent of particulates (0.5-1.0 micron, Class I), corrects for taste and odor, filters out 99.3 percent of both lead at 6.5pH and 8.5 pH, 99.99 percent of cysts, 98.7 percent of turbidity, 98.2 percent of atrazine (herbicide), 95.9 percent of 2, 4-D (herbicide), 87.5 percent of toxaphone, 91 and 82.7 percent, respectively, of mercury (6.5 pH) and mercury (8.5 pH), 91.8 percent of lindane, and 98 percent of alachor.

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