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GE Ovens Win 'Best of What's New' Grand Award
Nov 18, 2002
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GE Profile ovens with advanced cooking technology have been named the Grand Award winner in the 2002 "Best of What's New" Awards for Home Technology from Popular Science magazine.

Each year the editors of Popular Science review thousands of new products and technology developments, then select 100 for distinction as the "Best of What's New." Only 10 are designated as Grand Award winners. This year marks the 15th year of the awards.

"The range of products and technologies we consider is huge," said Popular Science editor in chief, Scott Mowbray. "This year we've given awards to a genetically modified 'knockout pig' used in medical research, the GE oven, the new Nissan Z car, and a remarkable new cell-phone-PDA combination. It's this scope of subject that makes this a reader favorite. And there are dozens of products, from digital cameras to flat-screen TVs, that people will buy with confidence because of our awards."

"This award simply validates our commitment to technology and innovation as this is the third time in four years we have been honored by Popular Science with a Grand Award in this category," said Jim Campbell, president and CEO of GE Consumer Products. "It also continues GE's long history of cooking leadership. As cooking leaders, we take seriously our responsibility to continue to bring the highest level of innovation to the marketplace."

The GE Profile ovens combine thermal, convection, and metal-safe microwave energies/ This advanced cooking technology is designed to deliver excellent performance customized for any type of food.

Easy-to-use controls automatically convert users' traditional recipes. A user simply enters a food type, time, and temperature. Once the oven is set, it automatically applies the right combination of energies to optimize cooking performance.

Preliminary testing shows speed modes allow foods to cook much faster. GE says its test show that the oven can:

  • speed roast a turkey in half the time
  • speed bake breads in a third of the time
  • cook side dishes in a quarter of the time
  • speed cook potatoes five times faster than in a traditional oven

    "But cooking foods quickly was not our only goal," explained Leanne Wilks, general manager for GE Cooking Products. "We developed this oven to use the optimal combination of the best of three cooking methods in an effort to produce the best possible food."

    The ovens also offer traditional cooking methods: baking, broiling, roasting, and true European convection. Additional modes include defrost, warm, proof, self-clean, and help.

    The full-size oven can accommodate everything from a large turkey to multiple trays of cookies.

    Consumers can use the cookware they already own - metal pans, glass baking dishes, and stoneware can be used in the new oven. The Precise Airâ„¢ convection system uses an innovative fan that reverses direction for optimal air and heat circulation so there is no need to rotate pans.

    The GE Profile ovens with advanced cooking technology will be available in a single wall oven, double wall oven, freestanding range, or slide-in range.

    The ovens are said to be an ideal choice for upgrading existing kitchens because no unique cutout dimensions or electrical supply requirements are needed.

    The suggested retail price of the GE Profile ovens with advanced cooking technology is:
  • U.S. $2349-$2599 for the single wall oven
  • $3699-$3899 for the double oven
  • $2799-$2999 for the slide-in/freestanding range.

    These models will be available in the U.S. in September 2003.

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