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Dyson DC07 Vacuum Launched in America
Oct 2, 2002
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Dyson, a Malmesbury, England-based maker of the vacuum cleaners, is making its debut in America with the launch of DC07, the first vacuum cleaner that reportedly doesn't lose suction.

According to the manufacturer, the DC07 maintains constant suction due to Dyson's patented Root8Cyclone(TM) technology, which is said to create an extreme amount of centrifugal force to effectively remove dirt, dust, pet hair, dust mites, pollen, and other particles from both short- and long-pile carpets as well as bare floors. In fact, Dyson claims its DC07 has double the suction of other vacuums after picking up 10 oz of dust. Other vacuum cleaners rely on bags or filters to remove dirt -- both of which clog, obstructing airflow and causing diminished performance with each usage, the company says.

Industrial engineer and inventor James Dyson developed cyclone vacuum cleaner technology after his household vacuum cleaner failed to do its job.

"I was so frustrated with my vacuum cleaner -- the bag quickly clogged with dust, destroying the suction," explains James. "So I developed an entirely new type of vacuum cleaner to solve this problem: the first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner, which unlike others, doesn't lose suction."

In 1993, after building more than 5,000 prototypes, Mr. Dyson launched the patented Dyson Cyclone vacuum cleaner in the U.K. Today, Dyson reportedly has almost half of the vacuum cleaner market in the U.K. by dollar sales.

According to the company, its Root8Cyclone technology is unlike any other on the market. It reportedly causes high volumes of air to spin extremely fast through several individual cyclones, creating 100,000G of centrifugal force. Dirt and debris are subjected to this force and subsequently thrown to the outer edges of the plastic bin. Because the airflow is said to be unobstructed, there's nothing to clog, so suction power remains constant and the DC07 vacuum is able to remove even the finest dust particles.

In contrast to DC07, bag vacuums rely on the bag to hold back the dust, Dyson explains. When dust and dirt enter the bag, tiny pores on the bag inevitably become clogged, causing restricted airflow. So-called "bagless" vacuums also suffer from clogging: they rely on a filter to hold back dust, which clogs just like a bag.

"The truth with other vacuums is that the more you use them, the less they work," says Mr. Dyson. "In fact, tests conducted by independent laboratories indicate that DC07 has double the suction than other vacuums after picking up just 10 ounces of dust."

The company says a key benefit of the vacuum cleaner, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers, is its ability to remove even the highest level of microscopic dust particles and sinister allergens such as dust mites and pollen.

Unlike with other bagless vacuums that rely on filters to hold back dust, Dyson says the HEPA filter in DC07 does not ever need to be replaced. In addition, Dyson's Bactisafe(TM) screen reportedly traps and kills bacteria, mold, and other germs on contact. In fact, Dyson's vacuum cleaners have earned the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

Dyson expects DC07's patented technology and ergonomic design to be most appealing to Americans who want the latest technology, appreciate superior design, and struggle with dust and dirt in their homes.

All three models of Dyson's DC07 are available now exclusively at The Terence Conran Shop in New York City, NY, U.S. Models are also available for purchase on the company’s web site, and Best Buy will start carrying one of the DC07 models in late October.

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