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Gorenje Wins Five red dot Awards
Mar 14, 2013
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Slovenian appliance maker Gorenje Group won five 2013 red dot design awards. Among its award-winning products:

* Gorenje-brand Aerogor heat pump outdoor unit, designed by the Gorenje Design Studio (pictured)
* Gorenje-brand SensoCare NGPS12 new generation washing machine, also designed by the Gorenje Design Studio
* Atag-brand modular gas hob (cooktop) Puzello with Fusion Volcano wok burner
* Atag-brand gas hob Magna with Fusion Volcano wok burner
* Atag-brand induction hob with matte finish in ground glass.

Red dot award is an accolade presented for excellence of design, innovation, and high quality of products of both brands.

The Aerogor air/water heat pump consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit, which operate together to heat the rooms and provide domestic hot water. The outdoor unit, which won the award, is installed outside next to a residential building, so Gorenje paid particular attention to the design of the unit. Gorenje said the red dot jury liked the sustainably, thoughtfully designed housing, which allows the user to select the finish to match the house. The heat pump outdoor unit was designed by Gorenje Design Studio, authors Anton Holobar and Blaz Prestor.

The SensoCare NGPS12 washing machine stands out with refined lines and two design details: the user interface and door handle. Their forms are intended to communicate the technical ability and durability of the appliance. The jury praised the ergonomically tilted user interface, which improves the view even if the washer is installed under a counter. Washing machine Gorenje SensoCare NGPS12 was designed by Gorenje Design Studio, author Borut Kerzič.

Vincent Hofstee, product manager for the Atag brand, in charge of design management, said: "This year, we submitted three entries for the competition and all three won the award. Atag Puzello and Atag Magna hobs convinced the jury with the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, while the induction hob impressed them with the beauty of matte finish in ground glass. Red dot design award 2013 stands witness to the excellence of design, innovation, and high quality of the Atag brand."

The Puzzelo modular gas hob with the Fusion Volcano wok burner was designed by: Waacs Design and Consultancy, VanBerlo, Willemien Brand from Buro Brand, author Vincent Hofstee.

The Magna stainless steel gas hob with the Fusion Volcano wok burner was designed by: Waacs Design and Consultancy, VanBerlo, Willemien Brand from Buro Brand, author Vincent Hofstee.

The Induction hob 90 cm with matte brushed finishing was designed by: ATAG R&D and business team, author Vincent Hofstee.

Gorenje Group brands Gorenje, Asko, and Atag have won 24 red dot awards in the last eight years.

About red dot
The red dot design award program, organized by the European design institute Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, has become one of the most highly recognized international design competitions.

The event started in 1955 as a product exhibition organized by Industrieform e.V., the predecessor to the Design Zentrum. It has now grown into one the biggest worldwide design contests. In 2012 alone it attracted more than 15,000 applications from 70 countries.

The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen displays "red dot" award-winning products in its design museum for a year or longer.

A jury of designers and design experts from around the world appraises submissions according to criteria such as innovation, functionality, quality, ergonomics, sustainability, symbolic and emotional content, and whether a product is self-explanatory.

red dot award: Product Design
The competition is broken out into three disciplines, including the red dot award: product design. It was the "Design Innovationen" award from 1955 through 2000, when the name of the competition was changed to "red dot award: product design." Manufacturers and designers of many different industrial products can enter the competition in 19 categories.

Past winners include the design teams of Porsche, Bose, BMW, Grohe, LG Electronics, adidas, Pininfarina, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia, Philips, Audi, and Siemens. In 2012, more than 1,800 companies from 60 countries submitted 4,515 products.

The 19 Product Design categories are:

* Living rooms and bedrooms - includes stoves (hearth products) as well as furniture, accessories, materials, floor coverings, wall coverings, etc.
* Households - includes washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning devices, iron systems, ventilators, other domestic appliances
* Kitchens - kitchen equipment, kitchen furniture, cooking implements, heaters and hobs (cooktops), microwaves, extractor hoods, dishwashers, sink units, refrigerators and freezers, kitchen utensils and accessories, coffee machines, toasters, mixers, professional kitchens
* Tableware and decoration
* Bathrooms, spas and air-conditioning - heating and air-conditioning technology, saunas, solaria, massage equipment, bathroom furnishings, etc.
* Lighting and lamps
* Gardens - includes grills and barbecue as well as outdoor furniture, garden equipment and tools, garden lamps, etc.
* Outdoor, leisure and sports equipment
* Fashion, lifestyle and accessories (apparel)
* Watches and jewelry
* Interior design - includes room and building equipment, interior furnishing, micro architecture, etc.
* Architecture and urban design
* Offices - includes office equipment, office furniture, etc.
* Industry and crafts - includes machines, industrial plant and equipment, components, robots, tools, etc.
* Life science and medicine - includes medical equipment and devices, laboratory technology and furniture, etc.
* Automotive and transportation
* Entertainment technology and cameras - includes consumer electronics such as TV, DVD, Blu-ray, home theater, gaming consoles, cameras, media players, etc.
* Communications - includes mobile phones, smartphones, telephones, etc.
* Computers and information technology - PCs, notebooks, tablet PCs, etc.

Other red dot award Disciplines
In addition to red dot award: product design the other two major disciplines recognized are the:
* red dot award: communication design--The German Prize for Communication Design started in 1993; in 2000 it changed to the red dot award: communication design award.
* red dot award: design concept--launched in 2005 and is organized in Singapore annually.

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