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Pantone Unveils Color Planner for Spring/Summer 2013
Sep 19, 2011
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Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company and the global authority on color announced the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of Pantone View Colour Planner. This multi-discipline color forecast, titled unity&CO, highlights the key color palettes for lifestyle and industrial and graphic design as well as for clothing and cosmetics.

Pantone said the 2013 Spring/Summer Planner "pushes individuals to unite with one another again by rediscovering the power in numbers and embracing a new culture of unity."

As the use of color increases, the company said, it becomes more connected to material, shape, and form.

“For some time, color alone has been a significant factor in purchasing decisions. Today, equally important is the context of those color statements – the finish, fabric and form in which it is used,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of fashion, home and interiors at Pantone.

PANTONE VIEW Colour Planner Spring/Summer 2013 contains the following eight palettes:

• CO-nversation: "Slowly emerging from white, mauve and fuchsia develop into delicate hues, while a warm sand tone forms a stable base for the more ethereal pink. The resulting range is subtle and delicate, infusing a sense of calm and serenity."
• CO-llaboration: "A new approach to neutrals, dusted pink, greeny-blue and burnt yellows create a family of easy base colors for outerwear and interiors alike."
• CO-nnected: "Connected is a color range for celebrating enthusiasm and the vitality of life, as yellow emerges from pure white, diluted and matte at first then gaining energy to end up reflecting the sun.
• CO-mmunity: "A new level of natural colors which are easy to mix and use, replacing black for a far more exotic approach – dry browns, watered browns, wood browns and earth browns."
• CO-ntain: "Based on naturals; simple, refined whites like eggshell; flesh tones, which reinforce the belief that neutrals are becoming more colored; warm and static black with deep navy and duck-egg blue."
• CO-mpanion: "A monumental simplicity of colors with their feet in nature suggests combinations of confident opposites or intimate tonalities. It is a core baseline palette of blues that frames and sets all the key accents."
• CO-llective: "Brights move from the primary spectrum of past seasons into a new fluorescent range. These super strong colors are paired with a family of soft sisters: five sweetened pastel tones."
• CO-nvivial: "Satisfying a demand for brighter color, but framed in more tasteful tones, the conviviality palette has all the personality one would expect from a family of brights, but allows for a more practical color application."

unity&CO also looks at how color has evolved:

• Blues are turning away from the watery hues to be more of a basic building block, assuming the role of the color black.
• Color is touching everything and even neutrals like sand and beige, with a new need for basic tones shaded and imbued with color.
• Brights continue to evolve as they are paired or weaved into larger groups, exuding drama and newness.
• Metallics have from all-over surface coatings to integrated and broken effects within structures and materials.
• Blacks has been transformed into many disguises, intensities, and militant options with the use of light, texture, material, and depth.
• The importance of Brown remains as its own color and as alternative base colors/companion tones.

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