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U.S. Home Color Trends for 2007
Dec 21, 2006
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California Paints made its annual color forecast this week. The company’s home fashion experts predicted that in 2007, culture and nature will heavily influence home decor.

“To stay current with the latest color and fashion trends, consumers should prepare to look to their roots as well as the outside world,” said Aimee Desrosiers, color forecaster with the company, based in Andover, Massachusetts, U.S. “World events, cultural traditions and the beauty of nature around us are inspiring everything from the runway to home design.”

According to California Paints’ experts, specific cultures will influence 2007 home color trends - mainly India, China and Latin cultures.

California Paints said consumers are developing an appreciation for the complex nuances of color and texture found in nature, much of it stemming from the growing selection of consumer goods that are not only eco-friendly, but are beautiful and unique. The company pointed out that a surprisingly wide color palette is available and extends beyond green and brown to include:

  • elemental and charcoal grays
  • naturally warm and cool bronzes
  • the merging of earth browns and down-trending pinks
  • warm whites
  • yellow, green and brown fusions
  • a hint of tan

In India, the company said, color is an intricate part of the lifestyle - part of the religion, the culture, the daily routine, and is found everywhere from clothing to foods and festivals. India’s influence makes colors more vibrant, festive, citrusy, and zesty, the company said. Specifically:

  • brown, orange and coppery golds
  • lively citrus combinations of green and yellow
  • purple paired with yellow or gold

Continued strength of the Asian market will drive China’s iconic symbolism of saturated color and large fields of color through 2008, the paint maker said, with the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing leading to more Chinese culture, color and design in the visual media. Look for these colored juxtaposed against nature-inspired neutrals:

  • ancient colors of gold
  • symbolic and intense reds
  • jade greens

The company said a variety of inspiration from Central America to Mexico to South America and the Caribbean makes this one of the most diverse trends in color and design. While each region has a unique palette, the overall affect on color is a rich, warm, and vibrant palette. Look for these color palates that emulate Hispanic cultures:

  • brown, orange, and coppery golds
  • yellows, greens, and tangerine
  • red and purple

For more on trends in indoor home colors and their impact on the appliance industry, read APPLIANCE Line: Merchandising Appliances in 2008.

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