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High-Tech Laboratory
December 2008
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A Total of €12 million was invested in the new headquarters in Torri di Quartesolo, Vicenza, Italy—
an architectural and functional example for the small and medium-sized enterprises of the Northeast. The facility, with its technology and space rationalization, will be dedicated to pursuing and enhancing the implementation of industrial patents in fields like pneumatics, medical science, and metallurgy, which will make Galvanin one of the top Italian laboratories for vanguard mechanical solutions.
GalvaninLab is Galvanin Luigino S.p.A.’s brand-new excellence center, born to answer the necessity of supplying innovative and high-performance niche products to markets driven more and more by scientific development. Creating GalvaninLab in late 2008, in conjunction with the relocation of the headquarters to Via Longare, Torri di Quartesolo (VI), Italy, Galvanin S.p.A. aims to provide a unique level of personalized service.
Through its existing research laboratory—highly qualified in the industrial design of stamping tools and accredited by the Italian Ministry of University and Research—active collaboration with the most important Italian universities has been carried out, particularly with the Universities of Padua and Trento, but also with the American athenaeums of Washington, Boston, and Ohio State. This allows a constant enhancement of industrial engineering know-how, giving the firm a strong base of transferable technical knowledge.
Galvanin Luigino S.p.A. can thus dedicate a whole department to technical and scientific innovation. It is an initiative where research, design, experience, and technology come together in a high-tech laboratory that runs parallel to normal production. This latter is the very reason why a new image and logo have been designed for GalvaninLab, though similar to the original. “Inside your success” then turns into “Inside your project,” to highlight this particular dedication to customer projects.
GalvaninLab’s Goals

•    Increasing stamping line productivity.
•    Working on bimetallic materials.
•    Enhancing implemented technologies and introducing new ones. Registering international patents while keeping an eye on the newest technologies, such as nanotechnology.

These are GalvaninLab’s aims. The firm aspires to become the first Italian laboratory for highly specialized applications, like those used in medical and metallurgical environments. It will be the first Italian laboratory serving all those fields where a vanguard mechanical specialization is needed in order to be the best.
Unlike classic laboratories, GalvaninLab is created to offer Galvanin Luigino S.p.A. customers a unique level of service. Every project is in the care of a specialized team, made up of engineers, designers, mechanics, and technicians. Customers follow the design process step by step. Each step is tested on the basis of a common agreement. This way, customers themselves are encouraged to rethink and redesign their own creations.
Offering precise components, designed to be more s pecific and robust, means better performance from final products.
What’s more, GalvaninLab advances a new vision. Thanks to the new facility, Galvanin Luigino S.p.A. is now not just a supplier but also a partner to whom customers can turn for advice. Not unlike what is happening in the fashion business, a tighter supplier-buyer relationship is thus encouraged. As a result there is more product awareness, increased problem-solving skills, and a direct connection with the research.

For more information, contact Galvanin Luigino S.p.A.;
Tel: +39-0444-380375. Galvanin, www.galvaninspa.com


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