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Tantalum Capacitors
February 2008
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Embedded control systems used in applications requiring long operation time have to operate continuously for years without failures and to recover automatically if a failure does occur. With efficient self-healing systems and high capacitance values in small dimensions, tantalum capacitors can help achieve the stability and reliability needed. The TPS and TPM series provide low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and improve the filtering capability and power rating within small dimensions and reduced height. Recently released mirror-design multianode tantalum capacitors in TPM D-case are 2.9 mm in height and provide almost identical ESR levels compared with traditional E-case multianode construction. The symmetrical design of two horizontal anodes allows the reduction of inductance down to 1 nH, which is 50% lower than with standard single-anode construction. The lower ESL shifts the resonance frequency up to 500 kHz, which enables a more effective usage in the common switching frequency range of 250 to 500 kHz. Due to the higher power dissipation of the mirrored design, D-case capacitors can handle higher ripple current compared with a single-anode design. All tantalum capacitors meet the requirements of lead-free assembly and are RoHS friendly.



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