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Color-Changing Plugs
November 2007
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Custom-produced color-changing plugs, cords, and cord sets for the appliance industry are intended to alert the user to dangerous excess heat in or around the electrical cord, usually caused by overloads, frayed conductors, poor connections, corrosion, faulty load devices, shorts or other electrical malfunctions, and misuse causing excess resistance. The reversible color-change material can be incorporated into virtually all common insulation polymer compounds—such as PVC, PE, and PU—during the extrusion process and/or in the plug injection molding. Optionally, a simple color-changing graphic stripe can also be applied to the length of the cord. The temperature of color-change can be selected to occur at any single or multiple points between 20° and 150°F (–6° to 65.5°C). Colors can also be selected from an extensive palette of cold (normal) and hot (overloaded) colors including translucent/clear. In addition to incorporating the color-changing polymers into the cord and/or plug connector, the company also offers custom ‘wraparound’ cord labels where written warnings (e.g., “Danger”) will appear when the alerting temperature has been reached or exceeded. Appliance manufacturing plants, suppliers, or distributors can also apply the same technology on extruded single-conductor hookup wire, wiring harnesses, and cables, or by applying an irreversible label to sensitive internal circuitry to indicate whether a warranty misuse condition is or isn’t to be covered. HazardGuard Safety Wire Inc.


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