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Gas Range Igniters
October 2007
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The company’s hot-surface igniters are used in most conventional and self-cleaning gas ovens to deliver safe and dependable ignition. The Model 501 igniter and a current-sensing thermal valve are calibrated to ensure ignition capability before gas flows. The igniter and the valve operate together as a system to provide reliable ignition. Depending on the system used, the igniter typically reaches ignition temperature in 30 to 40 seconds. Made of high-purity Crystar recrystallized silicon carbide, the igniter is designed for long-term reliability and service. The recrystallized silicon carbide is the company’s proprietary advanced ceramic material, which combines physical strength and thermal strength with stable electrical properties. The leads are enclosed within high-temperature fiberglass insulation, providing total electrical protection. The igniter is cemented into a steatite or cordierite block to prevent current leakage under high temperature and humidity conditions. The company can supply a shield to protect the igniter. All igniters are engineered for easy handling, simple installation, and trouble-free operation. The igniter and valve are critical safety components. Only Model 501 igniters are designed to be used with the bimetal valves typically found in ovens.



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