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Mass-Flow Controller
October 2007
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The SFC4000 CMOSens mass-flow controller enables the fast and accurate control of gas flows over a wide range. Its performance is based on the company’s CMOSens sensor technology, which combines a high-precision sensor element and an amplification and AD convertor circuit on a single CMOS chip. The digital calibrated and temperature-compensated sensor signal is converted directly on the chip into a PWM signal, which is used in a fast analog controlling circuit to control the valve, resulting in high accuracy, fast settling time, and a large dynamic range. The sensor is packed in a vacuum-tight stainless-steel package that is mounted on a rugged aluminum housing. The flow sensor includes a sensing element on a miniaturized membrane and complete signal processing for linearization and temperature compensation on a silicon chip. It is manufactured using CMOS standard processes. CMOSens technology allows fast, stable, and accurate flow control using conservative and stable control algorithms. It also offers resistance to electromagnetic disturbances. The mass-flow controller is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, such as mass-flow control in process control, analytical instrumentation, medical applications, fuel cells, and gas-flow metrology. It provides analog electrical interfaces for input and output signals of 0–5 V and requires a standard supply voltage between 14 and 24 V dc. It can be operated at input pressures of up to 10 bar (145 psi). The unit controls true mass flow independent of the ambient temperature and pressure changes. Users simply connect the gas supply to the controller device, set the flow value via the analog interface, and receive additional feedback via the analog output signal. The analog interface enables easy connection to the device. The standard calibration gas is nitrogen or air, although calibration with other gases is also available.

Sensirion AG


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