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2007 Trade Show In Print: EPCOS, Inc. - Thermal Fused Varistor
May 2007
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The new EPCOS Thermal Fused Varistor (ETFV) prevents catastrophic varistor failures by integrating a disk varistor with a thermal fuse in a single packaged component. The ETFV series is designed to meet the abnormal over-voltage requirements of UL 1449 3rd edition.

The ETFV ensures that the varistor is not overloaded and short-circuited. The thermofuse is connected to a terminal lead of the disk varistor by a solder bridge. If a sustained overvoltage occurs, the varistor absorbs the overvoltage and heats up. If the melting point of the thermofuse solder is exceeded, the solder opens, and the disk varistor is permanently disconnected from the power line.

The mechanically enhanced integrated design of the ETFV features a patented spring mechanism that assists in opening the fuse to prevent arcing more reliably than alternatives.

EPCOS employs disk varistors of the AdvanceD series, which absorbs up to 33 percent higher surge currents than standard disk varistors of the same diameter. The product range spans disks of 14 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm, absorbing maximum surge currents with an 8/20 ┬Ás pulse as follows: ETFV14-up to 6 kA, ETFV20-up to 20 kA and ETFV25-up to 20 kA.

The ETFV protects against a wide range of voltage transients, including surges caused by atmospheric effects, switching electromagnetic pulses caused by switching inductive loads or cutting out short circuits and temporary overvoltages due to lightning, switching operations, load rejections, resonances, and shorts-to-ground.

Typical applications include UPS, white goods, power supplies, AC panel protection modules, dimmers, modem protection, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), and AC power meters.

For more information, contact EPCOS, Inc.; Tel: +1-800-888-7728; email: rob.oconnor@epcos.com.



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