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Unique Capabilities Mean High-Efficiency
March 2007
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The Conveyor Dishwasher Line was launched by Electrolux Professional North America with a built-in hot water booster rather than an external one, resulting in a warewasher said to use less water and energy than other conveyor dishwashers with equal productivity. The built-in hot water booster is designed to use less energy (fewer kilowatts) than an external booster to raise the temperature of the rinse water. The unit also gives the operator the flexibility to adapt the dishwasher to the incoming water temperature, for a higher degree of control over energy use. At installation, the hot water booster can be set to a 40-, 70- or 100-degree temperature rise to meet the proper sanitizing temperature of 180ºF (82°C) in the rinsing cycle. A built-in rinse booster pump provides for a constant water pressure during the rinse cycle to ensure that all the dishes are properly sanitized.
The configuration of the spray arms is also designed to help achieve better efficiency, with a unique spray pattern that is said to hit the dishes with a high degree of precision. This avoids wasted spray, to reduce water and energy use without lowering productivity.
The unit can be set to clean either 130 or 200 racks per hour, using just 79 gallons of water per hour at the 200-rack/hour setting. Electrolux Professional (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.) says these capabilities make it ideal for use in hotels, hospitals, schools, catering, and full-service restaurants. www.electroluxusa.com/professional

Electrolux Professional


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