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2006 New Product Supplement: Controls
December 2006
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Fenwal Controls has a long history of serving OEMs with standard and custom solutions in temperature control and gas ignition. In 1935, Fenwal developed and patented the unique Thermoswitch® electromechanical temperature controller. In the early 1960s, Fenwal pioneered automatic gas ignition, which is widely used today.
Customer-driven development is central to Fenwal’s success. In-depth application engineering assistance is available to both large and small OEMs alike. Quick-turn samples and expert support make it easy for customers to fully test new design and product ideas. Fenwal engineers work one-on-one with customers to meet specific design goals.
A fully staffed Applications Lab uses a systems approach to provide concept testing as well as troubleshooting of existing products for optimal performance and reliability.
An ISO 9001:2000 certified U.S. based manufacturer, Fenwal provides fast, efficient manufacturing with the highest level of quality assurance. An automated electronics assembly line with in-circuit programming capabilities cost-effectively handles both large and small runs. All products are 100-percent functional tested.

Fenwal Product Spotlight: Intermittent Pilot
Fenwal Series 35-63 Intermittent Pilot (IP) Gas Ignition Controls for 24 V AC power are specifically designed for HVAC, commercial cooking equipment, boilers, furnaces, and other gas fired applications using the “spark-to-pilot” technique.
The Fenwal Series 35-63 IP Gas Ignition Controls are microprocessor-based for precise, repeatable timing sequences configurable to 120 seconds TFI. Available in either local or remote flame sense, they are polarity insensitive for easy installation. Reset from lockout is either automatic or by recycling the thermostat. Standard flame sense current pins and LED blink codes from the on-board diagnostics simplify troubleshooting. Factory programmed designs are available for sensing pilot flames in hard-to-light environments such as where the pilot flame may be weak or affected by wind, such as in rooftop HVAC units.
Designed and certified to CSA requirements, the Fenwal 35-63 controls the pilot and main gas valves, fires the spark electrode and continuously monitors the flame to safely ignite and operate LP or natural gas fired equipment. For 120 V AC applications, Fenwal offers the same capabilities in the Series 35-73. Available mounting configurations are open board assembly or with case and cover. The case and cover design allows surface mounting or is secured to a standard 4 inch square electrical box with two screws.
Free samples configured for specific application requirements are available directly from Fenwal’s manufacturing facility in Ashland, Massachusetts, to qualified OEMs. Detailed literature can be found at www.fenwalcontrols.com. Pricing in production volumes is available upon request.

Other Fenwal Products
• A full line of microprocessor-based gas ignition controls
• Digital temperature controls
• Thermoswitch® electro-mechanical temperature controller
• Surface mount and probe style snap-disc thermostats
• Custom configurations, integrated controls and systems

You’ll Find Fenwal In...
• Hydronics—commercial boilers and water heaters including
  pool/spa heaters
• HVAC—commercial warm air furnaces/AC units including
• Food Equipment—commercial cooking, fryers, ranges, ovens and
• Specialty—crop dryers, commercial laundry, air handling, compressors,
  and more

For more information, contact Fenwal Controls; Tel: +1-800-FENWAL-1; Web site: www.fenwalcontrols.com. Fenwal Controls




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