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2006 New Product Supplement: Change-Over Switch
December 2006
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The R&D team of Signal Lux Group, thanks to its experience and creativity, has developed a new version of the L5 change-over switch. This new product adds to the characteristics of the old version. The LED illuminated function guarantees an excellent quality of colors and high brightness. This new change-over push switch, especially suitable for suction hoods, vacuum cleaners and coffee machines, is equipped with a LED that works at 220 V.
Another new product in Signal Lux’s home is the J5. This switch has been developed to give an answer to the pressing request of competitiveness. This new product is a version of the L5 push switch. Completely reengineered, it is really competitive with reference to its performance also on the Far East markets, thanks to the excellent qualitative standard guaranteed by the Signal Lux trademark. Even J5 is available in 4.8 and 6.3 tabs version.
Signal Lux invests energies in research and innovation not just for the development of new products, but also for the improvement of the existing ones. The company has formed a partnership with one of the most important suppliers of micro-switches to increase the performance of its M3 pressure switch. Using a new component, much more responsive when compared to the micro-switch of the traditional version, Signal Lux is able to widen the pressure range of this product, offering high precision even with low pressures.
For more information, contact Signal Lux; Via Milano 27-20010, Cornaredo Milan, Italy; Tel: +39-02-93514321; Fax: +39-02-93514278; Web site: www.signal-lux.com. Signal Lux

Signal Lux MDS S.r.l.


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