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Nanoscale Adhesive Additives: Tiny Particles, Big Effect
May 2006
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One-component aqueous adhesives formulated with silica gel dispersions of the Dispercoll® S line of products are said to be characterized by high green strength. This enables OEMs to continue processing immediately after bonding, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.
Furthermore, the additives impart aqueous adhesives with a longer open time and thus ensure longer processing.
Dispercoll S products are designed to be advantageous in formulating aqueous adhesives with Dispercoll C polychloroprene dispersions. In particular, adhesives formulated with products with a high hydroxyl content, such as Dispercoll C 2325, are designed for heat resistance of a level previously attainable with two-component technology. The dispersions contain silicon dioxide with particles sizes between 9 nanometers and 55 nanometers, and also vary in solids content.
“The desired application viscosity of the adhesives can be precisely formulated by selecting the appropriate silica gel or by combining various types. That means a broad viscosity range, from paste-like to liquid consistencies, can therefore be covered,” says Dr. Mathias Matner, an expert on polychloroprene adhesive
raw materials for the supplier. “The formulation possibilities are almost endless—highly pseudoplastic types can even be easily applied to vertical surfaces.” Bayer MaterialScience AG, www.bayerbms.com

Bayer MaterialScience


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