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Renau Electronic Laboratories Hybrid Controllers
May 2006
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Renau has built a reputation for producing quality products that simplify the manufacture and operation of electronic appliances. The company’s hybrid technology increases the efficiency, quality and life of equipment. Now, Renau has taken this technology to the next level by combining its recently patented Hybrid Controllers with its Smart Panel Switches. Together, these hybrid systems provide appliance manufacturers unparalleled flexibility and savings in control requirements.
Renau’s Hybrid Controller incorporates state-of-the-art technology with uncompromising accuracy to provide an economical, easy-to-use solution for control in a variety of appliance applications. Featuring a simplified design that handles up to 24 circuits and installed in close proximity to the individual components, the controller reduces costs by eliminating the need for extensive wiring harnesses, control cabling and assembly. The unit works as a localized central brain to control motors, thermostats, fans, heating elements, sensors, and much more.
Developed to interface with the Hybrid Controller utilizing only a single wire, Renau’s Smart Panel Switch (SPS) abolishes complicated equipment harnesses. Compact and custom fit, equipment designers have maximum control over switch panel placement. As the interface to the Controller, the SPS not only displays the status of the equipment and specific functions, it also enables adjustment of each circuit. Easy to configure and use, the switch can do anything from managing water level and temperature to controlling the entire menu system on any piece of equipment. Built to last, the SPS is fully encapsulated to withstand daily exposure to the harshest environments.
From ovens and fryers to beverage machines and refrigerators, Renau’s Hybrid Controllers and Smart Panel Switches team up to optimize the performance of your products. Find out how Renau’s advanced digital technology can improve your equipment and increase your profits. Check out its latest products by visiting www.renau.com or contact Renau Electronic Laboratories toll-free at: +1-888-341-9500; e-mail: info@renau.com.

Renau Electronic Laboratory


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