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Phillips Plastics Corporation Metal Injection Molding
May 2006
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Phillips Plastics is reshaping the face of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) by offering new material choices and advanced design and processing capabilities. By utilizing Phillips’ MIM services you can achieve parts with:
• small, highly complex geometries
• complex geometries without machining
• excellent surface finish
• superior strength and corrosion resistance

And you can realize these benefits:
• reduced set-up and assembly time
• part consolidation
• low to high volume capabilities served cost
The Right Choice
The following medical programs utilized Phillips’ MIM capabilities because they provided creative solutions for their design and processing challenges.
Part: Surgical Jaws
Challenge: Large part with demanding design requirements
MIM Solution: Having a large curve in the jaw portion of the device, Phillips ensured the part maintained the design as it was clamped together. According to a Phillips’ engineer, “Machined or die cast parts would be extremely hard to get this detail and would have a rough texture because of the size. As a result, this customer chose MIM for its low cost options, excellent surface finish, tolerance requirements, and the complex features they couldn’t get with other processes.”
Part: Oxygen Regulator
Challenge: Consolidation of four parts to one
MIM Solution: Originally machined, this medical part was once a four-piece assembly. The component, which included the main body, a tube and two screws, was consolidated into one metal injection molded part and included molded in threads. “MIM is a huge advantage for this type of part as it is capable of molding the entire part into one piece saving time and additional costs,” explains a Phillips’ engineer.
By The Numbers:
• more than 10 years of experience on 225
• 30,000 square feet dedicated to MIM
• Five molding presses specifically used for
Phillips Plastics Corporation, +1-877-508-0246, www.phillipsmetals.com.

Phillips Plastics Corp.


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