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Hand-Held Plastic Welders for Appliance Assembly
February 2006
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New hand-held plastic welders and cutters are ideal for plastic appliance assembly. Available in 35 kHz and 70 kHz units, they are said to allow for increased operator flexibility and provide superior control and accuracy when welding small or delicate plastic components, riveting, and inserting miniature metal parts into plastic components.

The Light-Touch HandWelder 35 features a unique, high-frequency (35 kHz) design that prevents the component from the cracking or breakage that might occur when bonding with lower frequency ultrasonic units. It is said to be ideal for bonding small plastic assemblies, riveting and inserting miniature metal parts into plastic components.

The HandWelder 70 directs high frequency vibrations (70 kHz) to the surface between the two plastic components to be joined, which then melt to form a molecular bond that is often as strong as the parent materials. It bonds without using adhesives, mechanical fasteners or external heat sources. The machine can also be integrated in assembly equipment.

The HandCutter 35 is designed for continuous, one-step cutting and sealing of materials such as thermoplastic urethane and polypropylene. It is said to eliminate the disadvantages of hot wire and rotating knife cutters and can be easily adjusted for varying thicknesses of material. Since it eliminates extra trimming steps, labor costs may be reduced.

The HandTong 35 can spot weld while gripping the workpiece.
It is used primarily for sealing the edges of bubble packaging, providing a strong, secure ultrasonic bond. Sonobond Ultrasonics, www.sonobondultrasonics.com

Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc.


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