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Safe, Clean, and Odor-Free Frying - T-FAL's Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer
June 2005
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T-FAL, a division of Groupe SEB USA, has developed a way for users to prevent any contact with oil with its Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer. The appliance is also said to be the first deep fryer to be dishwasher-safe and feature a fully integrated system that drains, filters, and stores oil after use in the appliance.

The unit features an external heating base or platform that the fryer is placed on while in use. Once frying is complete, the unit is placed on a container that has a spoke, which marries up with a thermal safety valve located on the bottom of the unit. The company says once the oil reaches a safe temperature, usually 100°F to 150°F (37°C to 65°C), the valve detects the temperature change and releases, allowing the oil to flow into the container for storage. “It usually takes about 45 min, depending on how hot you have the oil in the fryer, since most people cook at about 300°F to 350°F (148°C to 176°C),” Kristen Bonar, director of Marketing Appliances for T-FAL, explains. “There is an interaction between the thermal valve and the temperature such that it won’t move if the oil is at a certain temperature. When the safety valve is open, the oil drains through the screened section, which filters the crumbs and particles that might have come out of the cooking.”
In addition to draining and filtering the oil, the unit features a locking lid with an external basket handle, allowing food to be immersed without splatter. The unit also features a filter to eliminate odor.

The deep fryer is also dishwasher-safe, as the electrical base is separate from the fryer unit. “We had to make sure that everything was sealed to the point where when it goes into a hot dishwasher that everything stayed assembled firmly…making sure that all of the different joints could withstand the dishwasher heat and strength of the water,” Ms. Bonar says.


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