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Recirculating Cooking Hood
April 2004
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Using centrifugal forces and a unique filter, this extraction hood is able to collect cooking greases, moisture, and odor from the air and then recirculate fresh, warm air back into the home. Based on patented technology from Berbel Ablufftechnik (Hopston, Germany), used air enters the hood through a small gap behind the control panel. Here, grease is extracted from the hood using a combination of high-speed air movement and a round-shaped redirecting device. The grease is then collected in a stainless steel pan that can be folded down and wiped out by the user. After grease is extracted, the air continues to move up the hood into a recirculating filter that collects odor and moisture. The air moves through the bottom of the filter and goes through the first coal layer that absorbs any humidity from the air. It then moves through the second active coal layer, which traps any odors. The fresh air is then recirculated into the home.

According to Udo Berling, managing director of Berbel, traditional extraction hoods are not designed for recirculation, as unfiltered grease contaminates the duct and clogs the odor filter. The air movement in Berbel hoods, however, collects and deposits the grease first, before moving the air into the odor filter, he explains.

Although the company is only 2 years old, the prototype it exhibited at HomeTech was actually a second-generation product, notes Mr. Berling. The first-generation product used plastic materials. “The focus of designing this hood was to make it easy-to-clean and maintain,” Mr. Berling explains. “The stainless steel pan is robust and easy to wipe clean, and the control panel uses electronics, which also makes it easier to clean.” Furthermore, the filter is reusable and only needs its coal layers replaced every 1.5 to 2 years.

At press time, the hood was scheduled to be available to European consumers as of April. Built-in and wall-mounted models are available.



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