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Vending Machines - Vending Versatility
January 2004
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Vending Robotics designed its robotic MPV line to be among the world's most versatile vending machines. Engineers for the Brisbane, Australia-based company developed the unit entirely in-house, including the MPV's two key unique technologies: the robotic arm and a high-pressure vacuum dispensing system. The company holds patents on the technologies within the major global vending markets.

"Within the vending industry at present, vending equipment is specifically designed to only vend certain types of packaging - and can therefore only be used for certain types of purposes," points out John Bower, head of Business Development for Vending Robotics. "A can drink machine, for example, will only vend cylindrical packages within certain dimensions. Snack (spiral dispensing) machines are also limited to certain types of confectionery packaging - although these units can be factory customized for other uses."

The MPV dispensing mechanism does not have these limitations, he adds. "The robotic arm and vacuum system allows each unit to dispense an almost unlimited selection of packaging of different shapes, sizes, and weights," Mr. Bower says.

For additional versatility, the machine's storage unit is temperature-controlled and adjustable for frozen, refrigerated, or ambient temperature settings.

MPV units dispense products as varied as ice cream, frozen food, convenience store items, bottled water and sports drinks, DVDs, music, software, books, and even umbrellas.

The dispensing versatility of the robotic arm means that an operator does not need to purchase a number of specialized vending machines. Instead, one MPV can handle whatever products suit the machine's location. "No other vending equipment currently in the market can match this degree of flexibility," Mr. Bower says.

This flexibility extends further by opening up vending as a retail medium for products that could not be dispensed by traditional vending equipment. Mr. Bower explains that MPV units are already being used as miniaturized supermarket outlets in locations where traditional brick-and-mortar stores are not practical - like residential blocks, schools and universities, offices, etc.

Vending Robotics designed the MPV line for worldwide use, and the vending equipment is currently in use in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

"In designing the MPV, we ensured that the components used were interchangeable from one supplier to another and could be sourced from a number of different companies from all around the world," Mr. Bower explains.

The MPV, Mr. Bower says, represents the industry's first true general-purpose vending machines - a capability he says is due entirely to the robotic arm and high-pressure vacuum dispensing system.

Vending Robotics, Brisbane, Australia; http://www.vendingrobotics.com  


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