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Fluid Protection Control
December 2003
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Colder Products Company, a leading provider of controlled performance connections to industrial, biopharmaceutical, medical, and packaging markets, has introduced Smart Coupling(TM) Technology, a new fluid connection and control technology. The technology, says the company, provides critical data used to achieve control of fluid connections in biopharmaceutical, medical, chemical handling, and printing applications. The Smart Couplings will reportedly offer companies a competitive advantage, significant cost savings, and greater confidence in the integrity of their products.

"Smart Coupling(TM) Technology combines the power and control of RFID and wireless ID technologies with the reliability and ease-of-use of CPC connection devices," says Scott Jacobson, director of Business Development at Colder Products. "We anticipate that our current cost-competitive solution will evolve to address an even wider range of needs and applications."

Smart Coupling(TM) Technology draws on existing and well-established wireless identification technologies and adapts them for use with connections. In its current configuration, the insert portion of the Smart Coupling contains a radio frequency (RF) tag that is programmed with unique product data, such as stocking history, package size, data code, and product characteristics. The body portion of the coupler reads the tag and communicates with a wide variety of devices such as computers and programmable logic controllers using standard data interfaces.

The technology reportedly prevents out-of-sequence connection errors in biopharmaceutical applications by transmitting data about the fluid before the connection occurs. Smart Couplings reportedly enhance plant safety and drug purity by increasing the accuracy of the fluid connections.

According to the company, with the technology, companies can achieve a new level of automation, safety, and quality in critical processes. In chemical handling applications, the technology can help companies avoid the misapplication of harmful or out-of-date chemicals.

The technology also ensures brand equity and security by making it all but impossible to substitute inferior and out-of-specification ink in printing applications, the company reports. This makes for a high-quality print image by ensuring the designed in ink matches the job specifications. Out-of-date product can reportedly be locked out and removed from inventory or documented for process improvements.

Colder Products Company


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