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Twisted Wire Pair Flex Circuits
March 2003
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Twisty-Flex(TM) circuits are said to provide the noise reduction of twisted wire pairs or coax cable in a flexible circuit. The two-layer design uses alternating conductors connected between layers by micro-vias. The result is said to be a true twisted pair construction with a total thickness of less than 0.015 in (0.38 mm). A wire pair can fit into a circuit less than 0.1-in (2.5-mm) wide, or integrate Twisty-Flex conductors with other signal or power conductors in a larger flex or rigid flex design. Twisty-Flex is suitable for integrating high-frequency impedance matched conductors with d.c. or other signals in a single flex design. One or two Twisty-Flex pairs can be used in a double- or multi-layer flex circuit to speed up and error-proof assembly, while meeting the tightest space requirements. Minco Products, Inc.

Minco Products, Inc.


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