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Purifan Commercial Air Purifier
October 2002
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The Purifan Air Purifier is designed to turn a ceiling fan into an air purifier and circulator. The device is said to allow smokers and non-smokers comfortably share the same space, provides employees with cleaner work environments, and helps allergy sufferers breathe easier. A Business Wire report says the air purifiers are being used by bar and restaurant owners, as well as other users who want cleaner indoor air.

Paul Fiacco invented the Purifan in 1997 and says independent tests showed the device to be extremely effective in reducing the amounts of nicotine and other harmful particles from tobacco smoke, as well as reducing dust, bacteria, mold spores, and industrial pollutants like paints and fumes.

The unit is said to accomplish this through a unique design and a combination of carbon and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

"I soon realized that my invention could be a fantastic way to clean the air overall from other pollutants," Fiacco says.

"All I know is that my restaurant no longer smells like smoke," says Wade Hayes, a Purifan customer and owner of Toot's Great Food and Family Fun, a popular family restaurant in Murfreesboro, TN, U.S. "My customers have told me they appreciated the difference."

The unit circulates a large amount of air - for example, the air in a 20-by-20 ft room is circulated through the unit's three-stage filters every 90 seconds, or 40 times an hour. It is designed to accomplish this using no more electricity than a ceiling fan. Another advantage is that it takes up no floor space.

The Purifan is designed to be affordable, costing about a tenth as much as many commercial units while circulating 25 percent more air. For residential users, the Purifan will generally cost no more than many floor units and circulate as much as six times more air.


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