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issue: August 2004 APPLIANCE Magazine

Electronics Report
Incremental Encoders

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Four new encoder incremental families from ITT Industries, Canon (Watertown, MA, U.S.) reportedly offer multiple capabilities in a single switch.

Four new families of incremental encoders from ITT Industries, Cannon are said to offer multiple capabilities in a single switch. “What would otherwise require numerous switches (one per function), can now be done with a single switch,” Vincent Strasser, product marketing manager of North America, tells APPLIANCE.

The new encoder lines, which include the NSE10, NSE11, NSE12, and NSE16 families, are said to offer 30 clicks per rotation, as opposed to 16 clicks per rotation in other models, and its push-button nature allows for menu selections. “For example, the encoders will allow multiple functionality—such as temperature setting and timer settings—without the need for separate switches for each function,” explains Vincent Strasser, product marketing manager of North America for ITT Industries, Canon. “A push click will allow function selection while rotation allows settings.”

The appliance applications for the encoder families include
coffee makers for timer settings and strength of brew, dishwashers for timers and rinse settings, computer peripherals, and several industrial applications, among others.

Electromechanical technology is the driving technology behind the encoders. Essentially, it works as a wiping contact, Mr. Strasser says. “Each time the switch is used, it cleans the contact surface so it’s a much more reliable contact design,” he explains. “Wave soldering allows the switch to be used without cleaning, and this is important because water can lead to the corrosion of the switch,” Mr. Strasser tells APPLIANCE.

The actuating force for the controllers ranges from 3 to 20 milliNewtons per meter (mN.m), depending on which of the four members of the encoder family is being used. All of the NSE devices also feature either parameter validation or on/off switching using a 0.5-mm travel and a 4.5 N actuating force SPST contact.
Each of the encoder families have their own distinct features. The NSE10 series hollow-shaft devices are 10-mm encoders with 24 detents and are said to have a rotational life of 100,000 cycles. The NSE11 family controls the “play” in the shaft to a tight 0.4-mm p-p maximum. The NSE12 incremental encoders reportedly have a distinct actuating force because of the detent torque controlled at
3 to 20 mN.m, and the NSE16 family features a extended plastic shaft to 31.5 mm.

“The new family of encoders allow engineers to design products with significant functionality operated by a single switch,” Mr. Strasser says. “Connected to the right software and display, the switch allows menu selection through a push-button function, and settings via the dial.” Because only one switch is needed, it “significantly simplifies panel designs and enhances ease of use in applications,” he notes. “This makes room for other parts or the display.”


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