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issue: July 2004 APPLIANCE Magazine

Motor Technology
Mobile HVAC D.C. Motor

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New 3-in diam brush d.c motors from Motor Products Corp. (Owosso, MI, U.S.) are said to be more reliable and cost-effective than other 3-in d.c. motors used in mobile, battery-powered HVAC equipment found in RVs and mobile homes.

The new PJ and PS series of Brushless d.c. (BLDC) motors from Motor Products Corp. are used in mobile air - moving applications. Robert Colwell, director of Product Development of Motor Products Corp., an Allied Motion Technologies Company, says that future brush d.c. motor improvements from his company may focus on the use of advanced electromagnetic materials.

Part of Motor Products Corp.'s PJ and PS series, the improved motors have been reengineered to include a new simplified brush card assembly that is said to be more robust and cost-effective than the current assembly. The new design also is said to improve heat dissipation for increased life and to reduce audible brush noise. Additionally, the new brush assembly is more compact, allowing both electric noise reduction circuitry and a circuit breaker to be integrated directly within the motor housing without increasing the housing’s size, the company says.

“The new brush card assembly has reduced susceptibility to thermal degradation that can occur during high-ambient conditions or inadvertent motor overloads,” Robert Colwell, director of Product Development of Motor Products Corp., an Allied Motion Technologies Company, tells APPLIANCE. “The new card is also more strongly attached to the motor end frame to improve vibration resistance.” The new brush card can also offer a heavy-duty brush option for high-power applications.

In many d.c. motor designs, such as the company’s PH and PF series, brushes are housed in plastic brush tubes, Mr. Colwell says. In contrast, the new PJ and PS models use metal brush tubes, which reportedly conduct heat away from the brushes more efficiently than the older design.

“This improves brush heat dissipation capability and, therefore, extends brush life,” Mr. Colwell says. “In addition, the new brush tubes provide better control of the clearances between the brush and brush tube over the life of the motor, which reduces the vibration, and hence, audible noise, generated by the brushes.”

The new motor series is intended to serve as drop-in replacements for the company’s PH and PF series motors, although these earlier versions will still be available. “OEMs presently using the PH and PF series motors can convert to the improved motors without the need for any modifications,” Mr. Colwell says. “In many cases, the improved motors will also replace 3-in motors from other motor manufacturers without modifications.”

Although modifications may not be necessary, the new motors do come with some options available, such as a patented Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)/ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) suppression device that has been shown to reduce d.c. motor-radiated emissions by up to 30 dB from that of discrete component solutions, Mr. Colwell points out. The RFI/EMI device is a single surface-mount component that was designed to replace the complex of capacitors and inductors used as RFI filters in typical designs.

“RFI/EMI consumes less space than a discrete component RFI
filter solution,” he says. “It has also proved to do a better job of noise reduction than discrete component filters. Increasingly, application and equipment standards require RFI suppression to prevent static in nearby radio receivers or false triggering of nearby electronic controls.”


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