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issue: October 2002 APPLIANCE Magazine

Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding (EMCW) Expo 2002
A Three-Track Conference Program

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The EMCW Expo 2002 will be presented at the Cincinnati, OH, U.S. Convention Center Oct. 14 - 18 and will include a complete Technical Conference program.

The Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding (EMCW) Conference Program is developed to help anyone involved in the electrical/electronic manufacturing industries to stay on top of technologies, processes, and concepts and be more knowledgeable and successful. This year's program comprises three tracks specifically developed to varying needs within the industry. Some sessions are appropriate to both motor and transformer design and manufacture and are indicated with both track symbols.

New Technologies

The new technologies that will develop into segments of the electrical/electronic manufacturing industry and those that will impact the way existing segments do business. MEMS, fuel cell applications, fuel cell power plants, the convergence of power systems, and advances in manufacturing technology are the session topics that make up this track.

Motor Design & Manufacturing

This track was developed to help make motor manufacturers (and their suppliers) more efficient and effective. Session topics cover manufacturing motors in a new world economy, winding methodology for d.c. motors, new concepts in motor design, terminating coils, self - bonding wire motors, automotive per electronics and motor drives, and stator manufacturing.

Transformer Design & Manufacturing

A track specifically developed for transformer manufacturers (and their suppliers) built around the technologies and materials to improve transformer design and manufacture. Session topics include technology in resin, transformer design and manufacturing, advanced computer graphics, magnetics and insulation for high - voltage cells, emerging epoxy systems concepts, magnet wire testing, and predictive maintenance.

The event combines three days of conference programs, short courses, free tutorials, and an active trade show of more than 200 exhibitors. An Electrical Insulating Conference (EIC) Day will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2002 at EMCW Expo 2002. The Electrical Insulating Conference (EIC) is a joint venture initiated in 1956 between the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). More than 30 papers will be presented at EIC Day. EMCWA and EIC historically present a combined event every other year, the EIC/EMCW Expo. This is the first year that EIC is participating with an exclusive conference day at the EMCW Expo.

The 2002 EMCW Conference



8:30 AM:

  • SC1 - Lean: A Business Process

    12:00 PM:

  • SC2 - Manufacturing Armatures in the 21st Century
  • SC3 - Stator Manufacturing
  • SC4 - Introduction to Coil Winding
  • SC5 - Product Definition: Structure, Methods, & Applications

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2002


    10:15 AM:

  • The Science of Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Manufacturing Motors in a New World Economy
  • Advanced Computer Graphics

    1:15 PM:

  • Fuel Cell Applications
  • Winding Methodology for Brushless D.C. Motors
  • Today's Technology in Resins and Their Applications

    3:00 PM:

  • Sensor Technology
  • New Concepts in Motor Analysis and Utilization
  • Developments in Magnetics


    10:15 AM:

  • EIC1 - Rotating Machines
  • EIC2, EIC3 (Double Session) - Insulation Considerations for Transformers/Insulating Materials


    8:30 AM:

  • SC1 - Lean: A Business Process
  • SC2 - Manufacturing Armatures in the 21st Century
  • SC3 - Stator Manufacturing
  • SC4 - Introduction to Coil Winding
  • SC6 - A Comprehensive Review of the Basic Design Elements of the Brushless PM Motor and Drive and Its Use in World Markets
  • SC7 - Product Verification and Validations: Requirements, Qualification, & Delivery


  • SC8 - Product Records: Identification & Traceability



    8:30 AM:

  • Convergence of Automotive and Commercial Electrical Power Systems
  • Terminating Considerations
  • Why Test Magnet Wire?

    10:15 AM:

  • Advances in Manufacturing Technology
  • Self - Bonding Wire Motor: Its Time Has Come
  • Transformer Design & Manufacturing

    1:15 AM:

  • Fuel Cell Power Plants - An Emerging Industry
  • Automotive Power Electronics and Motor Drives
  • Emerging Epoxy Systems Concepts

    3:30 AM:

  • Computer, Web, and Control Technologies
  • Stator Manufacturing Techniques for Predictive Maintenance


    8:00 AM:

  • SC2 - Manufacturing Armatures in the 21st Century
  • SC3 - Stator Manufacturing
  • SC4 - Introduction to Coil Winding

    1:00 AM:

  • SC9 - Theory of Switched Reluctance (SR) Motor Operation


    8:30 AM:

  • FT1 - Special Session Presented by the International Magnetics Association

    9:00 AM:

  • FT3 - Designing EMC Friendly Motors and Electronic Controls for Appliances - The Systems Approach

    3:00 AM:

  • FT2 - Basic Electromagnetic Principles for Manufacturing

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2002


    8:30 AM:

  • New Materials and Processes for Electric Motor Repair
  • Product Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Electrical Aftermarket - Coil Related Issues


    8:30 AM:

  • FT4 - Understanding Induction Motor Performance - Why Settle for Speed Torque Curves?

    10:00 AM:

  • FT5 - UL1446 versus International Electrical Insulation System Standards

    For more information on the EMCW Expo, call 800/984-3629 or visit http://www.coilwinding.org.


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