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issue: January 2003 APPLIANCE Magazine

2003 International AHR Expo Exhibitor Highlights

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Serving the HVAC/R industry since 1930, the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR) has been a leading source for new HVAC/R equipment products, components, systems, and services.

This year, AHR Expo will feature more than 1,500 exhibiting companies, thousands of new and upgraded products, and an anticipated 50,000+ HVAC&R professionals, making it the largest and most important event in the HVAC industry. Show officials say that space-wise, 2003 already ranks as the third largest gathering in the show's history, and it could become the largest AHR Expo ever.

The show's international presence is expected to be strong, as 155 companies from 27 countries are expected to exhibit, with several thousand international attendees.

New to the show this year is an awards program that will recognize product innovation excellence. An Innovation Award will be given to the winning product exhibited in the following categories: heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation, indoor air quality, energy management, and tools, instruments, and software. The awards will be presented at a reception on Jan. 26 and each honoree will be featured in a special section of the ASHRAE Journal.

The show will be held Jan. 27-29, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, U.S.
The Expo is co-sponsored by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI). ASHRAE's Winter meeting will be held concurrently with the Expo.

Following are some of the products, components, systems, and services that will be on display at the Expo. Additional information about the Expo can be found online at www.ahrexpo.com or by sending an e-mail to info@ahrexpo.com.

Fenwal Controls
Booth Number 4168
Fenwal Controls

Custom engineered and manufactured gas ignition controls that can integrate previously discrete functions, provide a central wiring point with higher reliability and fewer components, and control multiple devices are being introduced by Fenwal of Ashland, MA, U.S.

Fenwal custom gas ignition controls are designed and built to meet specific custom requirements by integrating previously discrete functions such as gas control and temperature sensing with field adjustable fan off delay into one unit. Featuring one central wiring point with fewer components, for higher reliability and reduced costs, they are capable of continuously monitoring functions such as temperature and air flow and controlling multiple devices.

Available with more than 1,000 variations of spark electrodes and flame sense rods, the company's controls are microprocessor-controlled and can be supplied as a complete system to provide ignition timings from a few seconds to several hours, with 0.2-sec timing accuracy. Packaging options include PC boards and a wide range of enclosures and connectors.

Fenwal Custom Gas Ignition Controls are priced from U.S. $18-$125 each, depending upon configuration, quantity, and other custom requirements. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics/ Igniter Products (Norton)
Booth Number 4329

Saint-Gobain Igniter Products will exhibit its entire line of CRYSTAR¨, MINI, and MIM¨ hot surface igniter products at the Expo. Among the new product offerings are the "SLOTLESS" MINI-IGNITER, the "jump-start" technology, and the "low aging" MINI-IGNITER products.

The "slotless" igniter products are the latest generation of MINI-IGNITERS. These igniters are designed to provide the industry with hot surface igniters of higher strength and durability. As with other Saint-Gobain igniters, the "slotless" products work reliably across the entire range of operating voltage (-15 percent to +10 percent of nominal voltage), without the need for special electronics or controls.

The "jump start" technology is an electronic means by which MINI-IGNITERS can be provided that reach ignition temperature in less than 3 sec across the entire range of supplied voltage (nominal -15 percent to + 10 percent). This feature is said to effectively provide hot surface igniters that operate as rapidly as spark ignition. Furthermore, the technology can be adapted to provide for a controlled igniter temperature across the entire range of supply voltage, thus improving ignition performance and igniter life. This technology reportedly is easily integrated into existing HVAC controls.

The "low aging" MINI-IGNITER is comprised of a new proprietary ceramic/intermetallic material system. When operated at temperatures of 1,300º to 1,350ºC, the igniters are said to exhibit extremely low levels of both current and temperature "aging." This provides for the potential of life of the appliance level service life.

Handy & Harman PMFG/Lucas-Milhaupt
Booth Number 2735

At the Expo, Lucas-Milhaupt is pleased to introduce Handy-One flux cored brazing wire. This "all-in-one" brazing product consists of a brazing alloy in strip form wrapped around a powdered flux. It is said to simplify the brazing process by eliminating the manual fluxing operation, and produce joints that are stronger than those made with traditional alloy and flux. In addition, it can reduce the flux contamination within components while producing consistent, high-quality joints.

Formulations exist for joining a variety of base metals, including steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and even aluminum. Handy One is available in wire or preformed rings and shapes for automated brazing applications.

Booth Numbers 4910 and 5000

Therm-O-Disc (www.tod.com), an Emerson company and a world leader in temperature sensors and controls, announces the opening of a new facility in Bao'an, China to serve the rapidly growing appliance manufacturing market.

The new 160,000-sq-ft facility provides an additional 100,000 sq ft for the manufacture of 1/2-in disc thermostats, thermal fuses, thermistor sensors and probes, and power tool switches. Therm-O-Disc has had a manufacturing presence in Bao'an since 1992. The facility also houses Therm-O-Disc's Asian Engineering Center (AEC), which designs temperature sensors and controls for the regional market.

With more than 1,100 employees, Bao'an is Therm-O-Disc's largest manufacturing facility and is a division leader in operational excellence and Lean Manufacturing implementation. This affords the facility outstanding on-time delivery performance, lead-time, and quality.

Founded in 1948 in Mansfield, OH, U.S., Therm-O-Disc is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of temperature sensors and controls for the appliance, HVAC, automotive, and electronics industries. The Therm-O-Disc product line includes a wide range of bimetal disc temperature controls, thermal cutoffs, and special purpose electronic and electromechanical sensors and controls.

Leybold Vacuum
Booth Number 1636

Leybold Vacuum's EcoDry M is a piston vacuum pump that is free of oil and hydrocarbons, yet has the same vacuum performance as oil-sealed rotary vane pumps. The pump has 3 years/15,000 hr of maintenance-free operation, runs with any 50/60 Hz input power between 90 and 264 V, and has variable speeds of 750-1,200 RPM. Models are available in 9.4, 13, and 17.7 cfm.

EcoDry M reportedly offers low cost of ownership: because it's oil-free, there are no expensive oil changes, oil disposal cost, or cost associated with oil leaks and oil contamination to a system. It does not require cooling water or purge gas. Energy costs are low because the efficient variable-speed EcoDrive¨ motor can run at lower speeds, which also reduces vibration and sound levels, and extends the life of the pump. Speed can be adjusted manually by using the keys on the motor, remotely by using an analog input or RS485/232 computer interface, or automatically by using the 0-10 V output of a vacuum gauge.

EcoDry M's LCD screen displays the speed, voltage, amperage, operating hours, and diagnosis.

Serv-I-Quip, Inc.
Booth Number 2328

HVAC/R manufacturers will have an opportunity to receive a first-hand demonstration of Serv-I-Quip's newest equipment and software developments while attending the Expo. Serv-I-Quip is scheduled to display its newest DataFill Refrigerant Charging System, along with an AccuFill Helium Leak Testing Station. In addition to this hardware, the company will also demonstrate the DataServ Data Acquisition and Process Control software utilized by this equipment. These new systems incorporate features designed to improve quality and increase productivity. Faster cycle times, automatic operation, more accurate testing, more accessible process data, and better integration with advanced manufacturing control and execution systems are some of the new featured improvements.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to view and discuss other products and services provided by Serv-I-Quip Partner Companies. This year, Serv-I-Quip is featuring Interwave Technology, a leader in manufacturing consulting services and MES implementation. Interwave is introducing Coordinator™ superVisor, a new, cost-effective, quality verification solution for HVAC/R manufacturers. This system enables production line visibility and quality control by providing key component verification, order management, WIP tracking, serial number and label printing, a report generator, and a download interface for production scheduling and process setups.

Leybold Vacuum Pumps and Inficon Leak Detectors will also be on display and featured as a partner company.

Omron Electronics
Booth Number 3827

The 3G3PV commercial a.c. inverter from Omron includes important on-board communication. The communication protocols of Metasys¨ and Apogee™ are built-in, and, in addition, a DeviceNet option card can be used. These protocols are said to reduce upfront costs and save user time. The 3G3PV also features RS-422 and RS-485 communication. The four-line engineering display on the 3G3PV provides the user with more information and makes it easier to follow steps, according to the company. The 3G3PV is also said to be cost-effective because it is more efficient and uses less power than dampers, which allows the user to save money. For example, with the 3G3PV, only 50-percent power is required at 80-percent flow.

Avery Dennison
Booth Number 4663

The Avery Dennison Fasson Specialty Tape Division is introducing new additions to its line of FASSON‚ brand HVAC products for fastening, bonding, and sealing. New products include FASSON 1000-S, a spray adhesive suitable for use in sealing insulation facing; a UL-rated imprinted cloth duct tape; metallized, black, and clear UL B/FX film tapes; and 36-in and 48-in plastic fastening ties. These addition complement standard core offerings of foil and insulation facing tapes the company has been supplying since 1974. Foil tapes come with performance guarantees to meet UL 181A-P & B-FX standards on a fiberglass ductboard enclosure system. The division also provides the insulation trade with foil, FSK, ASJ, and cloth duct tapes. These HVAC products are said to provide a fast, permanent bond to insulation facings and create a moisture/vapor-resistant barrier.

Booth Number 6729

TOX-PRESSOTECHNIK has added a new line of hand-held units called the Bret¨ Clinching Product line. The clinching units feature a new compact air to oil pressure intensifier that can be hung anywhere the unit is needed. One of the clinching units is the model BMH01, which was specifically developed for the joining of heating and air-conditioning ducts. The unit develops 5 tons of force at 72 psi of air pressure and can be rotated 360 degrees. The clinching unit and the intensifier are connected by a 10-ft hose. The BMH01 clinching unit has a quick lever that allows the lower jaw to swing out of the way, thus allowing access over the flange of the ductwork. Once the clinching unit has cleared the flange of the ductwork, the lower jaw locks in position. The patented Bret¨ Clinching Tools join a wide combination of materials with one set of tools, even three layers of sheet metal.

Several models of Bret¨ Clinching Units have been developed for specific applications, such as joining of cabinets for vending machines or commercial refrigerators. The Bret¨ line even features a cordless unit that can be used at the job site.

The company also offers a wide variety of equipment such as presses, die sets, fixtures and portable guns that incorporate the TOX tools, as well as customized equipment per customer's specifications.

The TOX joining system has become a standard for many companies producing automobiles, computers, appliances, and other products made of sheet metal.

Vacuum Technology Incorporated (VTI)
Booth Number 3463

VTI's new "SmartStation RS" Refrigerant Sniffer Leak Detector being introduced at the Expo features fast and sensitive detection and is said to provide robust service in tough environments. Built around VTI's rugged full-range mass spectrometer, the AERO VAC™ Odyssey, it can detect all old and new refrigerants. It can be used to detect helium and other tracer gases. Maximum up-time, which is critical to production applications, is further assured by digital electronics with diagnostics, dry sampling pump, field-replaceable sniffer probe, and easy-access maintenance. The PC system control includes a QA database, and Leak Rates are provided as quantitative read-outs, bar graph displays, and variable-volume audio signals.

Tutco, Inc.
Booth Number 3515

TUTCO Inc. is essentially a manufacturer's manufacturer, supplying electric heater assemblies for various applications to the home appliance, air-conditioning, and heating industries.

The company also is a designer and an inventor. Most of its products are custom-designed for its clients. Its staff of engineers will work closely with you and your staff to solve a specific problem, improve or cost reduce a product, develop a new product feature, or invent an entirely new product.

Research and Development are always underway at its modern 190,000-sq-ft manufacturing and warehouse facilities centrally located in Cookeville, TN, U.S. The company is proud of the fact that its accumulation of knowledge and experience since 1938 has led to an increasingly sophisticated electric heating technology - technology that has proven its potential for its clients.

Gaska Tape
Booth Number 3015

Climate tested from the deserts of Arizona, U.S. to the frozen tundra of Alaska, Gaska Tape breaks the barrier of extreme environmental conditions with innovative solutions for the complex gasketing challenges in HVAC systems.

Available in a wide range of densities and thicknesses, products can be configured with application-specific adhesive packages offering superior performance, versatility, and convenience.

Booth Numbers 2310 and 2410

Danfoss will exhibit more than 20 new models, extending its offering of type SC fractional horsepower compressors for 115 V and 230 V 60 Hz. Made for applications including ice and merchandising machines, they are said to be compact, quiet, and have enhanced efficiency. The company will also showcase stepper motor suction modulating control valves, customized condensing units, and a new version of its type BD d.c. compressor that runs entirely on solar power, without batteries.

Soler & Palau

Soler & Palau's new a.c.-powered backward curved motorized impeller was developed to produce airflows up to 280 CFM and static pressures of more than 1.3-in WG. This unit features an ultra-low profile, with an impeller diam of 6.89-in (175-mm) and an overall height of 2.3-in (58.5-mm). Soler & Palau is a world-leading ventilation equipment manufacturer, and supplies markets on every continent. Products are manufactured and distributed by a workforce of more than 1,000 employees in five ISO 9002 approved complexes.

Designated Model #2B628, the unit was developed for a wide range of air-moving applications that include cooling and ventilation. Air is discharged 360 degrees radially from the impeller wheel, rotating counterclockwise viewing the inlet. The 2B628's design features a permanent split capacitor, external-rotor sealed ball bearing motor that affords quiet operation, long service life, and a wide range of mounting options. Units can be ordered to operate at 120 V a.c. 60 Hz, or 240 V a.c. 50 Hz, and are UL/CSA Class B approved. Standard are 20-in (500-mm) leads.

ebm-pabst Industries
Booth Number 6149

ebm-pabst Industries' new ESM motor designed for refrigeration applications features a 2-speed programmable motor, ball bearings for a long operating life, and very quiet noise characteristics. A plug-in connection, anti-vibration mount, and protection against moisture and cleaning agents are standard. According to the company, the motor uses one-third the energy of common shaded-pole motors and has an efficiency rating of 65 percent.

Tridan International, Inc.
Booth Number 6690

Tridan International, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of a complete line of special machinery and tools for the production of heat transfer coils. The company has serviced the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry since 1966. Tridan equipment appeals to all manufacturers, both small and large, with fin lines, fin dies, coil expanders, automatic tube benders, tube straighteners and cut-to-length lines, and allied special equipment. Tridan is extremely proud of its customers throughout the world and their success as coil manufacturers. Qualified sales and engineering personnel who can knowledgeably discuss a company's coil production needs will operate the booth at the AHR Expo. Not only will the company's staff be upper level sales and management personnel, it will also be able to answer technical engineering questions.

Arosio Srl/Modular Framing Systems Inc.
Booth Number 4183

Arosio Srl/Modular Framing Systems Inc. will display its full range of pressure die-cast aluminum corners and all-aluminum framing system for the construction of air-handling, air-conditioning, and filtration units. In addition, accessories such as door handles, hinges, view ports, and motor mounting and adjusting bases will be on display. Sample units showing the simple manufacturing techniques and quick frame assembly without the need for welding will be featured. This method for assembly is said to greatly speed unit manufacture, reduce labor hours, and enhance product quality by improving housing panel fit.

Selco Products Company
Booth Number 3865

Selco Products Company has added the new T Series Automatic Reset Encapsulated Thermostats to its extensive line of thermal control products. Featuring a dry seal design for protection against moisture, dust, water, and oil, the new series is said to be ideally suited for humid environments in the HVAC and refrigeration industries, particularly for freezer, refrigerator, and air-conditioner applications. The new series also features up to 25-A capacity (Models T21 and T22) and can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures.

The T Series thermostats feature a fixed automatic reset bimetal disc to open at temperatures of -4¡F to -212¡F (-20¡C to 100¡C). The thermostats are available in S.P.S.T. or S.P.D.T., depending upon model, and are rated at 100,000 cycles with differentials from 15¡F to 72¡F. Available input voltages include 120 V a.c., 220 V a.c., and 250 V a.c.
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