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issue: August 2009 APPLIANCE Magazine

Appliance Engineer - Motor Technology
Breakthrough Performance

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Compact, high-performance fans can be adapted to a variety of cooling applications.

Divided into five series with sizes ranging from 80 to 172 mm, the S-Force tubeaxial fans can reach nominal speeds up to 14,000 rpm.

Part of the S-Force generation of fans, the S-Force radial blowers from ebm-papst Inc. (Farmington, CT, U.S.; www.ebmpapst.us) are backward-curved motorized impellers equipped with a new high-powered motor. The air movers feature nominal speeds of up to 4600 rpm and provide airflow of up to 988 cfm. Such performance, according to the firm, has yet to be achieved by other products of the same size range on the market.

Composed of six series with sizes ranging from 120 to 225 mm, the S-Force radial blowers are standard with pulse-width modulation (PWM) control input and speed signal. The blowers can be used in heat exchangers, fresh-air filters for telecommunication cabinets, wireless electronic cabinets, and other cooling applications.


The S-Force radial blowers are backward-curved motorized impellers that can deliver nominal speeds of up to 4600 rpm and provide airflow of up to 988 cfm.

Besides the radial blowers, the S-Force tubeaxial fans also feature high performance. They are divided into five series with sizes ranging from 80 to 172 mm, and can reach nominal speeds up to 14,000 rpm. Every S-Force-series product is equipped with a compact single-phase and three-phase multi-pole motors with wear-free electronic commutation. With high efficiency and low dissipated energy, the electronically commutated (EC) motors attain a peak power of more than 300 W. Such peak power is equivalent to a 500% increase compared with predecessors of the same sizes, the firm says.

Enhancing power performance while keeping the fans compact requires the housing to be extra robust. The research team at ebm-papst designed the S-Force fan housing with high mechanical precision to meet this requirement. To ensure smooth running and consistent low noise, the fan incorporates optimized inside contours of the housing, a small gap clearance between the blade and venturi housing, and winglets on the fan blades. Newly developed commutation techniques, which allow a gentle reversal of polarity and minimum switching losses, contribute to smooth running of the fans even at high speeds. By avoiding steep switching edges when changing motor coil, the structure-born noise induced by the motor is also significantly reduced.

The EC compact fans can be easily adapted to individual requirements thanks to their intelligent features, including speed monitoring, closed-loop speed control, operation monitoring, and microprocessor-controlled motor management for software-based fan operation.


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