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issue: September 2008 APPLIANCE Magazine

Appliance Line
Expanding Our Reach

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Tim Somheil, Editor

APPLIANCE magazine is our flagship, but our content goes far beyond the printed page.

Tim Somheil, Editor

The print edition of APPLIANCE magazine has gone through some changes this month, with a fresh look and new editorial sections.

These changes are being driven by the changing behavior of our readers. Increasingly, our readers are getting their news via one of many e-mail newsletters, or reading the daily news updates right off the Web site. Maybe they’re getting the digital edition of APPLIANCE and turning to the Web for expanded content.

It’s the nature of readers in the 21st century to take media in the most convenient format, whatever that may be. We’ve come a long way since the dawning of the Digital Age.

From my perspective, the Digital Age truly began when average people began to see their lives substantially changing due to the sudden availability of digital technology. The home computer was the device; the World Wide Web was the killer app. During the mid-1990s, PC and Web use exploded.

In 1995, the Web was big news, but most businesses had yet to create a Web presence. The publishing industry was generally not inclined to go online. The concept of putting precious content onto the free-for-all Internet seemed unlikely to benefit the bottom line. Even publishers of magazines that are delivered free to qualified subscribers (as APPLIANCE is) resisted “giving it away” on the Web.

I was the online editor when we went live in September 1995. I know APPLIANCE wasn’t quite a cyberspace pioneer, but we were certainly one of very few trade magazines that actually created a content-driven Web presence. Eventually, ApplianceMagazine.com became an indispensable channel for communicating with our readers.

The Web Knows the News

One of the most important advantages of the Web is the speed of delivery, and we’ve been taking full advantage of it. Every business day fresh news is written for ApplianceMagazine.com. A new vice president at Rheem, a new office for AHRI, a call for Innovations Awards nominations, and a new brand acquisition for Vestel—it all happened in one day at ApplianceMagazine.com.

I invite you to compare ApplianceMagazine.com to any other appliance industry news source—it won’t take you long to count their postings or recognize their reduced scope. We posted about 800 news items in 2008 so far. More than 12,000 news items date back to our first archived headline from July 1, 2001: “Whirlpool Europe Awarded Energy+ Recognition.”

APPLIANCE has been the comprehensive source for global appliance industry news for decades—and remains so today. Starting in this issue, the printed News section is smaller in scale—even as our instant, electronic news delivery outlets become bigger.

By taking our international reports out of the news section, we have room to expand industry coverage written by APPLIANCE correspondents in China, Europe, India, and Japan.

We continue to publish the APPLIANCE News newsletter twice a month, providing instant delivery of general appliance industry news. In addition, we’ve expanded our stable of special-focus e-mails to include three periodic newsletters covering Motors and Air-Movers, Electronics, and Energy Efficiency. More special-topic newsletters will launch in 2009. Every newsletter contains topic-relevant news items picked up from the Web site’s daily news, but also includes exclusive content, written specifically for it.

Come for the Content

More exclusive content, above and beyond the industry news, has been coming to ApplianceMagazine.com. Articles in the print edition of APPLIANCE are being expanded online. You’ll find more New Products, more End Product Innovations, and our easy links to related articles from our archives.

APPLIANCE will bring the industry to the reader in whatever format the reader wants—whether it be the vast scope of a content-rich Web site or the unsurpassed convenience of a magazine you can hold in your hand. 


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