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issue: February 2008 APPLIANCE Magazine

Electronics Report
High-Performance Humidity Sensing

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The EE16 is a humidity and temperature transmitter designed to bring a high degree of measurement accuracy and reliability to HVAC applications.

E+E Elektronik launched the EE16 transmitter as a successor to its EE15, with enhanced temperature cross-sensitivity for more precise measurement results.

The EE16 transmitter, from E+E Elektronik GmbH (Engerwitzdorf, Austria), uses the newly developed HC101 humidity sensor element to assure precision and long-term stability. “Furthermore, this transmitter offers easy installation, outstanding long-term stability, and a traceable calibration,” says Ing. Werner Hentscholek, marketing manager for E+E.

The transmitter is the successor to the company’s EE15. “Modern, premium, high-precision electronic parts have improved the temperature cross-sensitivity, which leads to better measurement results,” Hentscholek explains. “And because of these new electronic components, it was possible to reduce the measurement current, which leads to less heating of the sensing head. So the measurement results became even more accurate.”

The HC101 is a capacitive humidity sensor produced using thin-film technology, configured with its electrodes in a glass substrate. “Between the electrodes is a polymer layer, which dielectric permittivity depends on its water content,” Hentscholek says.

The humidity sensor element uses a proprietary technology that gives it high chemical resistance and allows it to be wettable. With a special sensor coating and the addition of various filter caps, the EE16 can even be used in polluted environments.

Hentscholek says that improving upon the previous generation of EE15 without raising the component cost was a major challenge in designing the new transmitter. Today, the HC101 sensor is produced in the supplier’s own cleanrooms. “The EE16 offers more power at a reduced price,” Hentscholek tells APPLIANCE.

The component’s reliability is vital to users. “Because of its stability, once mounted, the EE16 provides stable and maintenance-free measurements for many years,” Hentscholek says. “So the follow-up and service costs are kept low. That’s very important when you have installed hundreds of transmitters, for example, in an office building where you need measuring data for the automatic ventilation control.”

Climate-control automation in buildings is a typical application for the transmitter, as is ventilation system control and humidity and temperature monitoring in stockrooms. Hentscholek also describes a less typical application, in which a produce distributor used the previous-generation EE15 transmitter to monitor the ripening of exotic fruit in seagoing cooling containers. The user switched to the EE16 and saw the benefits of a better price/performance ratio with the new unit’s improved accuracy and stability.

The EE16 series includes wall-mounted and duct-mounted transmitters, with current or voltage outputs. A temperature-only version is also offered.

Suppliers mentioned in this article:
E+E Elektronik GmbH

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