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issue: January 2008 APPLIANCE Magazine

International AHR Expo
2008 International AHR Expo Exhibitor Highlights

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The 2008 International AHR Expo, to be held at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on January 22–24, will feature the latest in “green” products, trends, technologies, and solutions for HVAC/R.

According to the organizer, a vast array of energy-efficient products will be on display from more than 1800 companies around the world. Attendees can take advantage of free educational sessions and seminars on green practices held by industry associations and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Star. Part of the ASHRAE Conference program will also cover issues such as solar applications and sustainable construction.

Ametek Technical & Industrial Products
Booth #7730

The Nautilair line of variable-speed brushless dc blowers have been engineered to deliver a measured air/fuel mixture in gas-fired burner systems. Such a mixture optimizes combustion and reduces nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. The premix burner blowers offer practical solutions for applications such as commercial and residential boilers, hot water heaters, furnaces, foodservice equipment, kilns, and fuel cells. The lightweight, high-speed blowers can suit a wide range of system designs when used with a modulating gas valve. Speed can be adjusted internally with an onboard potentiometer or with an external PWM or dc control that actively varies blower performance, eliminating the need for complex air-intake damper systems. Internal electronics convert ac input to dc, and blowers typically operate in excess of 20,000 hours with almost no need for maintenance.

Emerson Climate Technologies
Booth #1130

The Copeland Scroll line of compressors has been expanded to include the new 13- and 15-hp models for commercial air-conditioning applications. Available for use with a variety of refrigerants, including R-410A, the comprehensive lineup can help commercial HVAC OEMs prepare for the complete phase-out of new R-22 equipment in 2010. Additional features include high efficiency, lower height, reduced weight, and a smaller mounting footprint. 

Fenwal Controls
Booth #2067

The company’s reengineered 35-6X series of 24-V gas ignition controls has received broad international agency approvals. Third-party agency approvals include Australian Gas Association (AGA), the Canadian Gas Association (CSA), and CE to the latest standard, EN 298:2003. Additionally, the series is recognized under the UL component program, UL 372. With these new approvals, the controls can be integrated into gas-fired appliances such as HVAC, boilers, commercial cooking equipment, radiant/infrared heaters, and furnaces for installation in North America, Europe, and Australia. The series includes a standard direct spark ignition control (35–60), a direct spark ignition control with combustion blower relay (35–61), and intermittent pilot/spark-to-pilot control (35–63).

Wellington Drive Technologies Ltd.
Booth #8456

The electronically commutated reluctance (ECR) motors and fans were designed as energy-saving replacements of shaded-pole motors used in commercial refrigerators, freezers, and vending equipment. With short payback periods and high energy savings, they allow supermarkets to lower financial costs while preserving energy. The brushless dc motors can achieve efficiency rates up to 65% and ensure quiet and reliable operation. The motors and fans use the same accessories as traditional shaded-pole motors, and are available in standard refrigeration sizes and pitches for easy replacement.

Booth #521

Universal Thermostat (Type UT 72) is available for wall or panel mounting for applications including cold rooms, beverage coolers, ice cream makers, display fixtures, air-conditioning systems, and heat recovery systems. With a capillary tube length of 10 in., the UT 72 thermostat is suited to both short- and long-reach applications. A high-impact rustproof enclosure and adjustment knob make the control suitable for damp environments. For cabinet mounting, AMP quick connectors may be used. Setting range for the UT 72 is from −20° to 85°F. The scale shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius ranges. Reset is automatic, with differential fixed at 4°.

Booth #1667

Pro-Fire V, the newest addition to the company’s Pro-Fire series of forced-draft, dual-fuel burners, offers facilities seeking to become “greener” up to 10:1 turndown on natural gas, as well as the option for sub-30-ppm operation throughout the firing range. Available in four sizes from 1.5 to 11 MMBtu, this new series is suited for use with water tube boilers in both commercial and industrial applications, showing solid performance at emissions levels of less than 30 ppm NOx, and less than 20 ppm NOx on selected applications. Other features include a unique air damper design for optimal flow control, quiet operation, and ISO 9001 certification.

Full Gauge Controls
Booth #1271

The company’s temperature controller TC-910Ri includes two independent hour meters for counting the refrigeration output operation time. When the programmed amount of hours before maintenance is reached, a display indication is given. To increase efficiency, it also allows the adjustment of a predefrosting time, which enables the collection of remaining gas before starting the defrosting cycle. Temperature controller TC-920Ri includes a digital input to receive external pulses for controlling the start of defrosting operation or for monitoring the chamber door status. It allows the configuration of two set points—normal and power saving—to reduce power consumption.

ICM Controls
Booth #259

The Universal Motor Starting Relay (UMSR) is a wire-for-wire replacement for all standard potential relays that operate a single-phase motor with a voltage range of 110–502 V ac. The new relay is suited for applications such as A/C, commercial refrigeration, heat pumps, or any single-phase motor application up to 10 hp. The UMSR uses the patented differential voltage sensing technology that ensures the exact starting voltage for each motor every time. No user adjustment is required at setup, making installation easy and accurate. According to the company, a single UMSR unit can be used in place of hundreds of competitive models, allowing companies to reduce inventory and costs. Available in two standard models—the UMSR30 and UMSR50, which feature 30-A and 50-A switching capabilities, respectively, the units also come in two enhanced models, the UMSRe-30 and UMSRe-50. They are designed with advanced circuitry that intelligently discharges stray dc voltage from the starting capacitor to prevent contactor welding under extreme circumstances. All versions feature a nonpositional mounting configuration.

Zero Gravity Filters Inc.
Booth #7439

Unlike conventional automatic filtration with a fixed wedge wire screen, the filter elements Zero Gravity produces open during backwash. A patented manufacturing process allows a spiral coil to open evenly from top to bottom, ensuring 100% cleaning and uninterrupted 24/7 operation. This resolves the common problems of particles jamming in the gap of a fixed wedge wire screen. A permanent stainless-steel filter element with raised ridges on the coil’s surface can achieve absolute filtration ratings from 25 to 400 µm while eliminating the high operating costs of disposable filters and providing an environmentally friendly solution. The uninterrupted flow during backwash increases system uptime and automatic operation reduces maintenance costs. Applications range from filtering cooling towers, closed-looped chilled-water circuits, and free cooling systems.

Beckett Corp.
Booth #2030

Model 7505 of the GeniSys electronic burner controls is a 120-V-ac primary safety control for residential and light commercial oil burners in boiler, furnace, and water heater applications. It has three diagnostic lights, welded relay protection with redundant motor relays, limited reset and limited recycle, and a sleek, modern design. The control also offers advanced features including a technician’s pump priming mode, a cad cell resistance indicator, and a disable function, all of which are accessed by pressing the control’s lighted reset button. A pair of communication ports allows for snap-on modules, including one alarm module that can add alarm contacts to any standard GeniSys control. The control is compatible with almost all thermostat and boiler controls, and is used with a cad cell flame sensor to control the oil burner motor, igniter, and valve. It has 24-V-ac thermostat terminals compatible with both on-off and many power-stealing thermostats. It can provide interrupted or intermittent-
duty ignition.

Booth #2159

A complete line of ac-powered short-cased axial fans is available for easy mounting in ventilation ducts. Five UL-recognized motor sizes are combined with 12–30-in. fans to cover a range of 1500–15,000 cfm. Depending on the motor size, available 60 Hz supply voltages include single-phase 115 V or 230 V and three-phase 230 V or 480 V. External-rotor motor design and engineered fan blades result in a compact, efficient, low-noise package. The galvanized sheet-steel cylindrical fan casing is flanged on both ends, with the motor mounted on the exhaust end to minimize air noise. Wiring connections are made through a cable gland on a sealed plastic (UL 94V-0) junction box, which is mounted on the fan casing. The junction box includes a screw-style terminal block and, on single-phase models, a prewired motor-run capacitor. The motor includes an integrated thermal overload protector with the leads brought out for external connection.

A. O. Smith Electrical Products Co.
Booth #1203

Designed for the HAC/R replacement market, the JuggerNaut line of inverter duty condenser fan motors can reduce energy consumption and hold up to the rigorous demands inverters place on motors. While most commercial condenser fan replacement motors have Class B insulation systems rated for 60°C (140°F) ambient, JuggerNaut replacement motors are rated for 70°C (158°F) max ambient. This extra temperature range means that JuggerNaut motors can withstand the extreme temperature conditions often found in commercial rooftop applications. The use of conductive bearing grease shields the bearings from arcing damage caused by inverter usage. The energy-efficient, three-phase motors are capable of reversible rotation with the company’s Voltage Change Module (VCM). Changing between 230 and 460 V connections is said to be quick and easy. Each JuggerNaut motor incorporates a special removable 56H rigid base to add flexibility in mounting options, allowing the service contractor to have the correct motor on hand and reduce inventory carrying costs. The replacement motors are available in four ratings, 1 HP, 1-1/2 HP, 2 HP at 1140 RPM, and also 1 HP at 850 RPM.


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