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issue: April 2003 Whirlpool Special Section

Whirlpool Special Section
The Whirlpool Product Portfolio

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Whirlpool Corporation knows that people are looking for appliances that offer excellent performance, time savings, energy efficiency, style, capacity, and durability. Here's how Whirlpool is meeting those demands now and building momentum for even greater appliance advancements in the future.

Conquest(R) Refrigerator

The Whirlpool(R) Conquest(R) refrigerator runs on less electricity than a 75-W light bulb and is Energy Star(R) qualified. The 2002 side-by-side and top freezer model lines offer increased storage capacity, energy efficiency, and a dynamic contoured door styling. A filtered crushed ice and water and In-Door-Ice(R) ice dispensing system is said to allow for an unprecedented food capacity in the freezer - creating more available space than before. An In-Door-Ice(R) ice dispensing system is available on the 22-cu-ft model, providing 24-percent more freezer space than standard Whirlpool Gold(R) 22-cu-ft models.

Polaraª Refrigerated Range

The Whirlpool(R) Polaraª refrigerated range is the world's first range with refrigeration capabilities. The range, which is a standard size, does not require any customized hookup or installation. The technology is controlled by a timing capability, enabling customers to prepare meals up to a day ahead of planned meals.

The timer can be programmed to perform the steps of meal preparation over a 24-hr period. Program options include: initial cooling start and stop times and baking temperature and start and stop times. The range is also programmed to kick into an automatic low-temperature warming time for up to an hour, and finally, an additional cooling stage.

The range's AccuBake(R) Duo System(R) technology uses dual sensors to constantly monitor temperatures inside the oven. The sensors independently control the top and bottom heating elements in the oven cavity. The result is said to be more uniform temperature control inside the oven. A fan in the rear of the oven circulates heated air under and around foods. Foods are said to heat more rapidly, cooking is more uniform, and the meal is ready 30-percent faster than traditional Whirlpool(R) thermal bake ovens.


Personal Valet(R) Clothes Vitalizing System

The Whirlpool(R) Personal Valet(R) clothes vitalizing system is a home appliance that removes wrinkles and odors and gets clothes ready-to-wear in about 30 min. The Personal Valet system's patented process gently refreshes clothes by creating a penetrating mist of Presiva(R) (developed by Procter & Gamble) heat activated formula, then circulating it through every fiber, smoothing away wrinkles and cleaning odors.

Approximately the size of a small bookcase (3 ft wide x 1 ft deep x 5 ft high), the Personal Valet system can hold up to three items of clothing at a time, and is available in different styles designed to complement any room's dŽcor. It is wall-mounted and plugs into a standard 110-V electrical outlet; no separate water lines or hook ups are necessary.

The Family Studio

The Whirlpool(R) Family Studio is a stylish and efficient room that speaks to family's need for both a multi-functional space and for high-quality fabric care systems. The Family Studio includes elements that make it a functional space that is suited for a variety of tasks. In addition to a washer and dryer, items such as an island or large table for folding clothes, extra cabinets for storage, track lighting, an ironing station, and a drying cabinet for air-drying washables can all be included.

The drying cabinet allows a consumer to dry wool sweaters, for example, in a couple of hours. The ironing station features an adjustable board, a place to store a hot iron, and automatic shut-off controls.


The Gladiatorª GarageWorks

It's been called the "junk drawer" of the house, the "man's room" and the "final frontier" of home design. It's the garage, and there's now a rugged, coordinated system called Gladiatorª GarageWorks that gives new hope to this disorganized space.

The GarageWorks line of products includes a Modular Workbench with modules, including GearDrawers, a GearBox, a Garage Refrigerator; GearWallª panels; a Garage Compactor; and the Freezeratorª refrigerator-freezer, which was designed to maintain proper temperatures for refrigerated food storage in the garage, thanks to a heater that kicks on in frigid external temperatures.

Duet(R) Washer and Dryer

The Whirlpool(R) Duet(R) washer uses 68-percent less water and 67-percent less electricity than standard washing machines, representing a savings of more than 17,000 gal of water and nearly 600 kW hr of electricity per household, per year.

The Energy Star(R) qualified machine also has the largest residential washer capacity and handles the equivalent sized load of a 3.7 agitator-based machine (per IEC ratios), which means it can hold up to 22 bath towels, compared to 18 in a standard top-loading washer.

The Duet(R) washer also has a sanitizing cycle that eliminates 99.999 percent of common infectious bacteria, including e-coli. Its front-loading design eliminates the agitator found in traditional washing machines, and its gentle fabric care keeps clothes looking new longer. Four sensors inside the machine measure the water quantity, load saturation, water temperature, and motor speed, and use this information to control all elements of the washing process. The dryer features Senseonª technology that delivers dry times that are equal to wash times, even for large loads.

By consistently maintaining an even heat throughout the dry cycle and continually sensing the amount of moisture remaining in fabrics, the dryer is said to provide fast and gentle drying performance without over-drying clothes.

APPLIANCE Magazine Whirlpool Special Section - April 2003


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