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issue: July 2006 APPLIANCE Magazine

China Refrigeration 2006
A Vibrant Gathering

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by Viloet Han, China Correspondent

China Refrigeration expands its scope as Chinese market consumption of comfort conditioning and refrigerated commercial equipment grows.

Dalian Fuji Bingshan Vending Machine Co. exhibited refrigerated beverage vending machines at China Refrigeration 2006. The company is a joint venture between Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (Dalian, China) and Japanese Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (Tokyo).

As the people of China make more they also spend more on comfort. The biggest China Refrigeration show ever clearly reflects the expanding market for air-conditioning and refrigerated commercial equipment in China.
Carrier Corporation has always been a major China Refrigeration exhibitor of air-conditioning appliances, but this year brought its new series of supermarket refrigeration. Carrier tells APPLIANCE that its acquisition of European refrigeration equipment maker Linde in 2004 made it possible for Carrier’s Shanghai business to bring refrigerated display cases and commercial compressor units to the Chinese market.
Carrier is also involved in a joint venture in China with Haier—Qingdao Haier-Carrier Refrigeration Equipment Co, Ltd. Carrier-Linde provides the design of the commercial chilling cases and compressors, ranging from 15 horsepower (hp) to 240 hp.
Haier-Carrier launched the latest Advanza series commercial refrigerated cabinets in China with advantages coming from its modular design and production. This enables the company to provide more than 600 Advanza configurations. The series also meets the European Union’s standard EN441.

Embraco has long been producing household refrigerator compressors in China, such as the A and B series, but this year also exhibited commercial compressors. Mike Inhetvin, marketing director of Embraco Group, also demonstrated the Embraco Concept CO2 compressor for APPLIANCE. The Concept CO2 is the result of a 15-year research project by Embraco and is scheduled to begin production soon.

Profit Potential in Food Preservation

Industry insiders believe the profit margins are continuing to shrink in central air-conditioners, so many enterprises
are entering the refrigeration equipment market. A notable increase in China Refrigeration exhibitors in this category illustrates the potential for rapid growth in the country.
Fan Bowang, president of Danfoss Group, says that only 20 percent of food is currently preserved by refrigeration equipment in China compared to 90 percent in the U.S. The marketing potential in China is huge, especially as the
government enforces more stringent food safety regulations that require refrigeration.

Heat Recovery for Energy Savings

China Refrigeration has often served as a launching pad for energy efficiency technologies, but the effort entered new realms with the advent of energy recovery and recycling. Chinese HVAC companies displaying heat recovery appliances included Bingshan Group, Gree, Midea, Tenesun, and Shanghai Hailite.
Most approaches used the air-conditioner’s residual heat to boil water. Bingshan Group’s EHP commercial air-conditioner water heater unit is one such device, and it can be used in three ways. In summer, it cools the air while providing hot water; in spring and autumn, it serves as a hot water appliance; and in winter, it heats the air while supplying hot water. The EHP uses heat pump technology to recover heat from high-temperature gas produced by the compressor during the refrigeration process, and uses it to heat water. In the winter, an electric heating element augments the heat pump to ensure the hot water supply.
Gree engineered heat recovery capability into a digital, multi-split air-conditioner, capable of providing cooled air or heat to different terminals simultaneously using a thermal cycle exchange.
The product targets European markets, “Where the weather changes sharply [and creates] high demand for indoor temperature adjustment,” Su Yuhai, senior engineer of Gree, tells
APPLIANCE. “At present, few domestic enterprises grasp this technology.”
Southern China regions, such as those south of the Changjiang River, do not always require heating appliances; in Northern China, with its increasing commercial housing construction, the configuration of typical heating appliances are changing. Use of floor heating and heat pumps for heating are increasing. In such an environment where consumers may be open to new technology, industry insiders believe air-conditioner heating could evolve into a substantial segment of the industry.
Engineers from Emerson’s environmental technology department demonstrated Copeland digital scroll heating, using technology that is said to start the air-conditioner at temperatures as low as -25°C. This is enabled with Emerson’s advanced jet enthalpy increase technology, used to strengthen the heating effect in winter. At -7°C, the compressor creates heating of 3 kW while consuming 1 kW of electrical energy. Emerson is working with Gree to put the technology in central air-conditioners and has licensed other Chinese OEM use of the technology. It was predicted that some residential air-conditioners using the Emerson technology would be launched in 2006.

The Alfa Laval AlfaChill 250 brazed plate evaporator and condenser interlaces water channels between alternating refrigerant channels, so water flow is always in contact with the active circuit when working at partial load. This results in simplified use and more accurate water temperature control, as well as lower piping cost.

Addressing Global Standards

Supplier exhibitors at China Refrigeration 2006 were also on-hand in higher numbers than ever.
Notably, almost all the refrigerant producers, whether based in China or abroad, were at the expo, including large pavilions for Honeywell (with Chinese headquarters in Shanghai), Sinochem Corporation (Beijing) and Yingpeng Chemical Company (Zhejiang). Refrigerants are a dynamic segment of the industry, with change driven by especially fierce competition and the movement to more environmentally acceptable alternatives.
The European Union’s RoHS directive was addressed by many suppliers, who prominently displayed their third-party RoHS certification.
Alfa Laval (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd. exhibited the AlfaNova heat exchanger, said to be the first 100-percent stainless steel plate heat exchanger. It is constructed using a unique bonding technique. Compared with traditional shell-type heat exchanger, the unit is designed to have a more compact structure, higher pressure resistance and stronger mechanical strength, and according to the company it meets the demands of RoHS.
Xidian Air-Conditioning Fittings Factory tells APPLIANCE its copper tubing uses a non-chrome surface treatment with a single weld to meet the requirements of RoHS.
Foreign suppliers were in the majority in the supplier halls. Indian exhibitors displayed refrigeration and air-conditioner components, including fan coils, evaporators, condensers, and controls. Indfos Industries Limited (New Delhi), a joint venture formed with Danish control company Danfoss A/S, supplies controls for refrigeration, air-conditioning and other household appliances. Indfos representatives said they see China as a huge and growing base for the production and consumption of refrigeration

Guangzhou in 2007

China Refrigeration’s schedule would have placed it in Beijing in 2007, and in fact the Beijing International Exhibition Center is one of the primary organizers of the event. However, organizers tell APPLIANCE that the scale of the show has grown beyond the capacity of the Beijing venue, so the next expo will be held in Guangzhou. China Refrigeration 2007 will take place April 4-7 at the CECF Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, in China’s Guangdong Province.

Suppliers mentioned in this article:
Carrier Corp.
Haier Group Co.

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