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issue: March 2005 APPLIANCE Magazine

Cover Story

page 42
Home Entertainment Appliances
The Resolution Wars
by Jill Russell, Associate Editor
The digital age has arrived and as demands for high-tech gadgets spike to new heights, consumer electronic OEMs are embarking on a full-fledged technology war aimed straight for the home.

Feature Articles

page 51
Assembly & Fastening
Haste Makes Money
by D. Douglas Graham, contributing editor
New materials, methodologies, and technologies have advanced the pace of assembly and fastening to the speed of light. Many of the latest concepts are grounded in common sense and meet OEM demands for solutions that are appropriate for doing business in a tough economy.

page 58
LG Electronics Mexico
Bringing LG Culture to Monterrey
by David Simpson, contributing editor
ON LOCATION: APPLIANCE magazine traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to report on LG Electronics’ refrigerator manufacturing facility.

page 78
Rising Above the Ashes
by Jill Russell, Associate Editor
After a fire destroyed the production facility of one its main suppliers, Electrolux Home Products gathered a team to help bring the supplier and appliance company back online to full production.


page 29
The Open Door
Understanding the Brazilian Market
by Julio E. Bertola, director of Electrolux Design Center, Curitiba, Brazil
Appliance designers must address unique consumer habits that stem from the socio-demographic differences between Latin American countries - while appealing to other key Latin values and cultural traits that are very similar.

page 30
Engineering: Heating and Air-Conditioning
Residential Space Conditioning and Water Heating with Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration Cycle
by Clark Bullard and John Rajan, University of Illinois, and Sung-Oug Cho, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
The use of CO2 refrigerant for simultaneous space conditioning and water heating has been the focus of renewed research and testing since Lorentzen re-introduced the idea of the transcritical cycle [3]. Neska et al have investigated several CO2 systems under standard test conditions, including solo heat pump water heaters and dual-purpose systems that simultaneously provide space conditioning and domestic water heating [5]. Several authors have also published results of prototype CO2 systems operating over wide ranges of test conditions.

page 38
Technology Report
Sensor-to-Network Smart Interface
The company’s remote system Network Enabled Equipment Monitors (NEEMs) are said to take the place of multiple sensor devices, transforming conventional sensors into “smart sensors.”

page 40
Motor Technology
Versatile Variable Frequency Drive
The SmartFan® Stratus is said to be a highly versatile variable frequency drive (VFD) that provides precise variable-speed control of single- and three-phase fans, motors, and pumps.

News Section

This Month's News Headlines

page 17
U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Majors and Comfort Conditioning Appliances & Portable Appliances Index for December 2004

page 18
U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Factory Unit Shipments for the month of December 2004 - Revised
Revised March 17, 2005.

page 20
New Delhi Report
DVD Players Doing Brisk Business
By Adite Chatterjee, New Delhi correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
The digital video disk (DVD) player market is growing rapidly and today nearly 800,000 units of the product are sold in the organized market annually.

page 20
New Delhi Report
Voltas to Export Air-Conditioners
By Adite Chatterjee, New Delhi correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
Voltas Ltd. is looking at selling its air-conditioners in South Africa, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka in 2005.

page 20
New Delhi Report
Electrolux India Launches Hobs and Hoods
By Adite Chatterjee, New Delhi correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
The branded hobs and hoods market in India is small—barely 200,000 units—but Electrolux wants a share of it.

page 20
New Delhi Report
Videocon's European Venture
By Adite Chatterjee, New Delhi correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
The Videocon Group has unveiled plans to set up a manufacturing hub in Europe.

page 20
Tokyo Report
Japanese OEMs Respond to European A/C Market Boom
By Wasaku Ishida, Japanese correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine, and vice president, JARN (Japan Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News)
Triggered by intense heat waves of prior years, air-conditioners are growing in popularity in the European market.

page 20
Tokyo Report
2004 Japanese Air-Conditioner Shipments
By Wasaku Ishida, Japanese correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine, and vice president, JARN (Japan Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News)
The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA) announced domestic shipments during Refrigeration Year (RY) 2004 (October 2003 to September 2004).


page 24
John Case of Electrolux Home Care Products North America
Through John Case’s career, he has discovered the importance of both getting to know the customer and an inclusive management style, both of which allow everyone to contribute.

page 9
Appliance Line
Domo is Back…Again
By Lisa Bonnema, Editor, APPLIANCE Magazine
If you are anything like me, you felt like you were stuck in a time capsule when the news about Domotechnica 2006 reached your desk. But will this resurrected trade fair truly be like the good old days?


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