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issue: November 2004 APPLIANCE Magazine

Cover Story

page 38
HVAC - Our 41st Annual Report
Demanding Comfort
by Jill Russell, Assistant Editor
As industry regulations continue to push the HVAC industry toward higher efficiencies, OEMs are taking product design to the next step to also meet consumer needs.

Feature Articles

page 22
Product Review
Personal Care Appliances

page 47
Displays and Control Panels
The New Wave of Displays
by D. Douglas Graham, contributing editor
Unobtrusive, feature-rich, and aesthetically appealing, the current crop of appliance displays and control panels are built to please the upscale, 21st Century consumer. Today’s designs strike a balance between the purely functional and the “techno-chic,” and display suppliers are working hard to help OEMs achieve both.

page 52
Special Feature - York Unitary Products Group
A Season of Change
by Lisa Bonnema, Editor
From its flashy new air-conditioners to its massive production, technology, and marketing investments, York International’s Unitary Products Group is stepping out of its comfort zone and is taking the HVAC industry with it.

page 67
Guest Editorial
Social Compliance: A New Dimension of Product Quality
by Randy Rankin, principal, Global Social Compliance, LLC
Over the past 7 years, manufacturers have been challenged to respond to a new dimension of product quality—working conditions in the factories of their supply chain partners. There have been a number of drivers of this phenomenon, including negative media pressure, activist demonstrations, shareholder resolutions, and consumer inquiries.

page 73
APPLIANCE New Product Digest
Emphasis: Switches and Switching Devices


page 27
From The Top
Good Humidity Could Mean Good Business
Dick Topping, director of Appliance Research, TIAX, LLC
While the value of interior humidity control has long been understood, it has recently been attracting more attention than ever.

page 28
Engineering Porcelain Enamel
A Novel Non-Stick Porcelain Enamel
by Charles Baldwin, Alain Aronica, Brad Devine, Graham Rose,Ferro Corporation
To fulfill the industry’s long-held desire for a truly easy-to-clean surface, a new ceramic-based, non-stick coating for household and commercial cooking appliances has been developed that has excellent scratch, abrasion, and heat resistance, as well as superb cleanability.

page 32
Electronics Report
Electrostatic Discharge Protectors
Littelfuse developed an eco-friendly electrostatic discharge protector that is said to reduce voltage overshoot by up to 50 percent, as well as meet RoHS requirements.

page 34
Technology Report
Programmable System on a Chip
Cypress MicroSystems of Lynnwood, WA, U.S. has developed a Programmable System on a Chip (PSoC) that is said to significantly reduce the number of components on a printed circuit board (PCB) and shorten the product development cycle.

page 37
Motor Technology
Electromechanical Clutches for Motion Control
Reell Precision Manufacturing has developed an electromechanical clutch that is said to provide consistent timing for rotary motion control and meets a complex series of performance requirements.


page 71
Outdoor Appliances - Production
Manufacturing Control
Outdoor appliance maker Stihl, Inc. depends on controls from Siemens Machine Tool Business for information monitoring and data exchange within its assembly and machining operations.

News Section

This Month's News Headlines

page 15
U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Index - Majors and Comfort Conditioning Appliances

page 15
U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Index - Portable Appliances

page 16
U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Factory Unit Shipments for the month of August 2004

page 18
New Delhi Report
Festival Blues
by Adite Chatterjee, New Delhi correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
The Indian festival season has begun on both a positive and a negative note this year. First the good news: the Indian economy is on a roll.

page 18
New Delhi Report
FTAs Put Appliance OEMs in a Quandary
by Adite Chatterjee, New Delhi correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
The Indian government has signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with some countries in South East Asia.

page 18
Tokyo Report
Japanese Air-Conditioning Market Trends
by Wasaku Ishida, Japanese correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine, and vice president, JARN (Japan Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News)
Heat Pumps and Cooling-Only Units, Thermal Storage Systems, and Gas Cooling


page 24
Tim Murray of Vulcan-Hart
Tim Murray has learned that taking a systematic approach often leads to strong and steady growth in today’s business world.

page 9
A New Formula
By Lisa Bonnema, Editor, APPLIANCE Magazine
The last few years has seen its share of combination appliances: Whirlpool’s cooking and cooling Polara, LG’s microwave toaster, and, more recently, Nokia’s TV cell phone. But a whole new breed of combo products is popping up that’s adding a twist to the term “durable” good.


Product Review

APPLIANCE New Product Digest

New Products and New Literature




Daily News


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