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issue: December 2003 APPLIANCE Magazine

Cover Story

page 32
Outdoor Appliances
The Great Outdoors
Despite mixed results in unit shipments for 2002 and 2003, manufacturers of lawn, garden, and outdoor power equipment, including some that exhibited at the recent International Lawn, Garden & Power Equipment Expo, continue to develop more powerful, feature-rich products for the consumer and commercial markets.

Feature Articles

page 37
Sensors: Statistics
Sensors: Bringing the World of Tomorrow...Today
by Michael Rasche, industry research manager, Frost & Sullivan
We live in a world that is starving for information. We want it immediately, in greater detail, and in higher volumes. Through the wonders of sensors, the 21st century promises to make information about our homes, and what is happening within it, more readily available and easier to access.

page 45
Quality & Testing
The Wide World of Testing
by David Simpson, Contributing Editor
Appliances today are assumed safe, and in most cases, they are. Electrical and gas appliance safety is the result of ever-evolving standards, good design practices, and better testing equipment, among other considerations. But safety is just one area in which today's appliances are tested. Performance, noise, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), leak detection, part dimensions, energy use, color, and coating thickness are among other test areas.


page 27
The Open Door
A Wireless Standard Built for Entertainment
by Paul Reinhardt, executive director, WiMedia Alliance, Inc.
Over the next few years, consumers will become familiar with a new way to wirelessly connect home theater equipment, digital camcorders, and portable devices. It is called WiMedia(TM), and many international leaders in the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries support it.

page 28
Engineering: Decoratives
Using Electric Infrared for Firing Appliance Control Panels
by Ralph Gwaltney, manufacturing engineer, Maytag-Cleveland Cooking Products
The following will discuss how electric infrared (IR) technology has the flexibility and control required for firing and curing a variety of silk screen applications in appliance production.

page 31
Technology Report
Polyurethane Foam System
Foam Supplies, Inc. (St. Louis, MO, U.S.) has developed a new family of rigid polyurethane systems that utilizes an alternative blowing agent.


page 53
Production: Dryers
Working out the Wrinkles
When Whirlpool Corporation's dryer facility in Marion, OH, U.S. began making dryers to match the company's horizontal-axis washing machines, it turned to long-term partner HMS Products Co. (Troy, MI, U.S.) for assistance with its press equipment.

News Section

This Month's News Headlines

page 16
U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Factory Unit Shipments For the month of September 2003

page 16
U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Index - Majors and Comfort Conditioning Appliances for the month of September 2003

page 20
European Report
Small Steps for MHP Set-Top Box Standard
by Paul Roggema, European correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
While Americans usually watch TV through a set-top box (STB) from a cable company and enjoy a wide variety of channels (usually more than 50), many European homes still have a basic coax connection (without STB).

page 20
European Report
European HDTV and Home Connectivity
by Paul Roggema, European correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
Belgian TV production company Alfacam surprised European TV professionals by announcing the first European HDTV station.

page 20
China Report
Kelon Files Patent Infringement Case Against Haier and Xinfei
by Clint Stevens, China correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
Kelon has filed a patent infringement complaint against Haier and Xinfei, alleging design infringements of patents on one of its refrigerators.

page 20
China Report
Five Manufacturers Kicked Out Of The Fair For Infringing DVD Patents
by Clint Stevens, China correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine

page 20
China Report
Samsung to Charge for DVD Drivers
by Clint Stevens, China correspondent, APPLIANCE magazine
Following 6C-Union's claim for large-scale compensation from Chinese DVD manufacturers, Samsung has begun charging patent fees for its DVD driver, according to Ping Zhang, vice-professor of the Law Institute of Peking University at the Beijing 2003 Standards and Patent forum.


page 9
The Lesser of Two Evils
Editorial from Diane Ritchey, Editor, APPLIANCE Magazine
As outdoor lawn and garden appliances are constant targets of emission standards, especially in the U.S. state of California, the Outdoor Power Equipment Association (OPEI), an Alexandria, VA, U.S.-based trade association representing U.S. manufacturers of such appliances, works with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to ensure that its members' needs are met.


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