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issue: September 2003 APPLIANCE Magazine

Cover Story

page 42
56th Annual Report on Laundry Appliances
The Complexities of a Simple Task
by Peter Simmons, Assistant Editor
In an era when horizontal-axis washing machines and high-tech features are becoming more prevalent, laundry OEMs continue to bring advanced products to market. Sometimes, however, these companies have differing opinions on the direction their industry segment will take in the future.

Feature Articles

page 79
Electronic Controls and Embedded Systems
A Silicon World
by Lisa Bonnema, Managing Editor
Advanced control technologies are taking appliance designers to a place they've always dreamed of: a world where flexibility, high performance, and low cost are simultaneously possible.

page 84
Electronic Controls and Embedded Systems
A Smart Strategy
by Lisa Bonnema, Managing Editor
Smart appliance technology isn't anything new. At this point, many manufacturers have either released individual Internet appliances (i.e., Electrolux's Screenfridge) or a small line of communicating appliances (i.e., Salton Inc.'s White Westinghouse line).

page 86
Electronic Controls and Embedded Systems
The Commercial Connection
by Lisa Bonnema, Managing Editor
In May 2003, Hobart Corporation (Troy, OH, U.S.) decided to take its foodservice equipment to the next level by adding communication capabilities.

page 88
Electronic Controls and Embedded Systems
Accelerating Medical Accuracy
by Lisa Bonnema, Managing Editor
Some manufacturers talk about "thinking outside the box," while others - like Omron Corp.'s Healthcare Business Company - actually do it.

page 90
Electronic Controls and Embedded Systems
MCUs and DSPs: Worlds Apart?
by Lisa Bonnema, Managing Editor
Traditionally, MCUs and DSPs have been perceived as appropriate control options for entirely different types of applications.


page 105
Engineering Power Tools
Power Routing
When engineers at DeWalt in Towson, MD, U.S. began the design process for its line of routers, the goal was to go beyond just improving an existing product.

page 33
From the Top
Bringing Health Care Home
by Dick Topping, director of Appliance Research, TIAX, LLC
When most of us think of retirement, we envision happy days filled with family, friends, and hobbies. We think of a rich, independent life of our own making. But as we age, the likelihood of needing assistance with even basic daily tasks multiplies, as does our odds of living in a nursing home.

page 34
Engineering Motors
New Stator Core Laminations for Brushless Motors
by Spolaor Franco, Polifibra Group and Fabio Arpino, Bitron Group
Until a few years ago, the basic technology of the fractional electrical motor had not changed much compared to the technology used at the beginning of the last century. Recently, however, there have been several developments in this area.

page 36
Electronics Report
Touch Microcontroller System
The Padless Touch Switch (PTS) Microcontroller System from Pressenk Instruments and Tyco Electronics is said to be a versatile and reliable option for engineers of ranges, refrigerators, washing machines, and more.

page 38
Motor Technology
Quiet A.C. Gearmotors
The V Series of a.c. gearmotors from Oriental Motor USA Corp. (Torrance, CA, U.S.) is said to offer foodservice equipment and medical device producers a quiet, reliable solution.

page 42
Engineering: Laundry Appliances
Miele: Steel Innovating
Miele's Honeycomb Drum Awarded German Steel Industry's Innovation Prize


page 100
Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding
EIC/EMCW Expo 2003 Program

page 103
Production Highlight: Floor Care Appliances
Automation: A Worthwhile Investment
For the first time, Dyson invested in multi-axis robotics in order to automate assembly on production of a new line of vacuum cleaners.

page 99
Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding
President's Message

Preparing for the Future
by Brian Pressly, president, Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding Association, Inc.
Concerned about your future? How about your company's future? If you are involved in the design, manufacturing, or marketing of electrical products, then don't miss the Electrical Insulation Conference/Manufacturing & Coil Winding Conference and Exhibition, which is taking place Sept. 23-25, 2003, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN, U.S.

News Section

This Month's News Headlines

U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Factory Unit Shipments for the month of June 2003

U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Portable/Air Treatment Appliances Index for the month of June 2003

U.S. Appliance Industry Shipment Statistics
Majors and Comfort Conditioning Appliances Index for the month of June 2003

page 24
Tokyo Report
Japanese and Korean Manufacturers Compete in Asia
All major Japanese and Korean appliance makers have been increasing appliance production in Southeast Asia.

page 24
New Delhi Report
Electrolux Kelvinator News
CEO Rajeev Karwal is not the only new face among top management.

page 24
New Delhi Report
Indian Air-Conditioner Producers Are Prospering
Temperatures soar in Indian cities and air-conditioner sales have picked up like never before.

page 24
New Delhi Report
Refrigerators In Rural India
The price barrier is what prevents refrigerators from becoming a household item in rural India.


page 30
David Mansbery of Tonight's Menu Intelligent Ovens, LLC
Bill Gates and an elderly scrap dealer were two sources of inspiration for David Mansbery, founder, president, and CEO of Tonight's Menu, whose patented prototype ovens refrigerate and cook foods all while being controlled by remote access over the internet or via cellular phone.


New Products and New Literature




Daily News


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