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issue: August 2007 APPLIANCE Magazine

Cover Story

page 40
41st Annual Cooking Report
Cooking and Looking Smart
An APPLIANCE Staff Feature
Consumers around the world continue their love affair with higher-end appliances, especially in their showcase kitchens, and appliance makers are eager to provide cooking appliances that have stunning looks, gourmet performance, and a high IQ.

page 41
41st Annual Cooking Report
Induction Means Green Cooking

page 42
41st Annual Cooking Report
Cooking Controls

page 43
41st Annual Cooking Report
Configurable Cooking

Feature Articles

page 36
Control Panels and Display
A Luminous New Control Panel
by Jill Russell, Contributing Editor
Whirlpool worked with a control supplier to achieve a dramatic look and responsive controls in its KitchenAid French door, bottom-mount refrigerator.

page 38
Control Panels & Displays
Innovative Control and a Sleek Fit
by Jill Russell, Contributing Editor
Maytag put an innovative control on a new Jenn-Air glass cooktop for RV and hotel/motel markets.

page 45
Plastic Materials & Equipment
Pliable Advantages
by Lisa Bonnema, Senior Editor
As appliance OEMs demand both flexibility and strength in their product designs, plastics suppliers are responding with materials and technology that can meet a variety of demands.

page 48
Plastic Materials & Equipment
Trimming Where It Counts
When Flymo was looking to cost-effectively produce its latest hover and roller mowers, Basell supplied an impact-modified PP grade that saved costs and production time.

page 50
Metals and Metal Service Centers
Structuring a Steel Strategy
by David Simpson, Contributing Editor
Appliance companies get supplier help in an environment of higher metals costs.

page 56
FIN-X ’07
FIN-X ’07 is the international conference and expo for industrial finishers, scheduled for September 17–20, 2007, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN, U.S.


page 27
The Open Door
Less Can Mean More
by Stephanie Husk, president, Deep Blue Insight Group

page 28
Cooking Technology
Ultra-Low-Resolution Thermal Imaging for Detecting Kitchen Hazards
by Justin A. T. Halls, Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, Brunel University, UK
More than 50% of fires are the result of unattended cooking appliances. This article describes a device that uses a very-low-resolution thermopile array to scan the kitchen to detect the presence of heat sources.

page 32
Motor Technology
Designing inside the Box
Appliance engineers with tight space constraints have a new motor option that offers a thin profile and high performance.

page 33
Electronics Report
Programmable Precision
A new programmable clock generator delivers low cycle-to-cycle and period jitter for precision clocking in networking equipment and consumer electronics.

page 34
Technology Report
Cost-Sensitive Sensors
A new family of load cells allows designers to use direct-force measurement in many OEM applications where the technology had previously been too expensive.

News Section

This Month's News Headlines

page 16
China Report
China’s High-Efficiency Standards
by Viloet Han, China Correspondent

page 17
Appliance Industry
Majors and Comfort Conditioning Appliances

page 18
U.S. Appliance Industry Factory Unit Shipment Statistics
Factory Unit Shipments Statistics for the month of May 2007

page 20
Europe Report
A Better Year for European Appliance Makers
by Paul Roggema, Europe Correspondent
Annual reports from Europe’s biggest OEMs clearly show that the economic upturn in Europe is being felt by the appliance industry.


page 11
Appliance Line
Piracy or Patent Infringement
Tim Somheil, Editor
Intellectual property rights violations hurt OEMs everywhere, but distinguishing patent infringement from product piracy is never easy.


New Products and New Literature




Daily News


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