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issue: January 2007 APPLIANCE Magazine

Cover Story

page 68
Materials Forecast
The Materials Market Still Packs a Punch
by David Simpson, Contributing Editor
Commodity prices remain at high levels, but there are signs the worst may soon be over.

Feature Articles

page 26
Quality & Testing
Use of Gage R&R in Developing Metrics for Subjective Data
by Aruna Pochampally, senior consumer scientist and Barbara Godden, senior research technician, Whirlpool Corporation
With the proper utilization of Six Sigma tools like Gage R&R studies, the development of metrics for evaluating subjective characteristics becomes possible.

page 45
55th Annual Appliance Industry Forecast: Latin
Finding the Key
by Lisa Bonnema, Senior Editor
With continued growth in the forecast, the Latin American appliance industry confronts a list of challenges while hoping to capitalize on an emerging market.

page 48
55th Annual Appliance Industry Forecast: Europe
Putting Optimism into Practice
by Lisa Bonnema, Senior Editor
The European appliance industry saw growth in 2006, and most expect the same in 2007, provided that OEMs continue to address issues such as pricing and competition.

page 50
55th Annual Appliance Industry Forecast: Asia
Asia’s Giant Potential
by Adite Chatterjee, India Correspondent
The Asia-Pacific region, anchored by China and India, continues growing into an appliance industry market and manufacturing giant.

page 53
55th Annual Appliance Industry Forecast: Middle East
Mid East Appliance Boom
by Adite Chatterjee, India Correspondent
Several thriving economies in the Middle East are experiencing a booming housing market, which in turn creates substantial appliance industry opportunities.

page 57
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
Addressing External Factors
by Joseph M. McGuire, president, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)
If I could provide the readers of APPLIANCE with a useful economic forecast for the appliance industry in 2007 I would. While AHAM tracks industry shipments for a wide variety of home appliances, providing important empirical information for business leaders, we do not employ a team of economists to forecast future industry performance. We leave that to our members, the economists and analysts that follow our sector.

page 58
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
2007: ARI Looks Ahead
by William G. Sutton, president, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute (ARI)
2006 was a year of challenge for our industry.  Shortly after the year began—on January 23, to be exact—the new federal minimum efficiency standard of 13 SEER went into effect for residential central air-conditioners and heat pumps. 

page 59
Consumer Electronics Association
Digital Challenges, Digital Growth
by Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
The consumer electronics industry is a global juggernaut—known for innovative R&D, design, software development, efficient production, and creative marketing. From the largest plasma TV to the hippest multimedia phone to the tiniest digital memory card, consumers worldwide love our products.

page 61
Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association
GAMA’s Forecast for 2007
by Jack W. Klimp, president, Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
It is with considerable reluctance that I ever agree to predict the future. I cannot help but remember the lament of the great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy that there are many predictions of rain in the newspapers, but squeeze those papers as strongly as you can and you will never get a single drop of water out of any of them.

page 63
International Housewares Association
Innovation, Convenience and Style
by Phil Brandl, president, International Housewares Association (IHA)
Small appliance sales are being fueled by innovations that save time, offer multiple uses and bring a coordinated sense of style and color to kitchens and other rooms in the home—rooms that are being expanded to accommodate non-traditional activities.

page 67
Outdoor Power Equipment Institute
Cautiously Optimistic
by William Harley, president and CEO, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI)
The two words that describe the outdoor power equipment (OPE) industry are “cautious optimism.”

page 81
International AHR Expo
2007 International AHR Expo Exhibitor Highlights
The 2007 International AHR Expo will encompass the entire Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, Jan. 29-31 to accommodate the increased numbers of exhibitors.


page 25
The Open Door
Ingredients for Innovation
by Zach Kaplan, founder and CEO of Inventables LLC
Innovation does not need to be a random, elusive event that only happens now and again when creative sparks fly.

page 26
Quality & Testing
Use of Gage R&R in Developing Metrics for Subjective Data
by Aruna Pochampally, senior consumer scientist and Barbara Godden, senior research technician, Whirlpool Corporation
With the proper utilization of Six Sigma tools like Gage R&R studies, the development of metrics for evaluating subjective characteristics becomes possible.

page 31
Technology Report
All-in-One Connector
A single-platform connector from Onanon (Milpitas, California, U.S.) is said to provide a precise blend of power and signal, while significantly freeing up real estate to add functionality to electronic devices.

page 32
Electronics Report
Inductor Innovation
A new inductor series uses proprietary technology to provide non-magnetic components for magnetically sensitive applications.

page 34
Motor Technology
A Natural Pairing
Taking its cues from nature, a motor and fan system reportedly offers enhanced efficiency and quieter operation in a range of air-moving applications.

News Section

This Month's News Headlines

U.S. Appliance Industry Factory Unit Shipment Statistics
Factory Unit Shipments Statistics for the month of October 2006
Revised January 3, 2007

page 15
Appliance Industry
Majors and Comfort Conditioning Index for October 2006

page 18
New Delhi Report
Commercial Refrigeration: Big Business in India
by Adite Chatterjee, India Correspondent
The air-conditioning and refrigeration markets in India are likely to witness spectacular growth in the near future. And much of this growth is likely to take place in the commercial rather than the household sector.

page 18
Tokyo Report
Energy Solutions Demonstrated at Tokyo Fair
by Wasaku Ishida, Japan Correspondent, and president, JARN (Japan Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News)


page 23
Melissa Cisewski of Wolf Appliance, Inc.
Perseverance is a quality that certainly stands out in Melissa Cisewski, a design engineer for Wolf Appliance, a producer of commercial-style consumer cooking appliances in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, U.S.

page 9
Appliance Line
2006: A Year in Review
by Tim Somheil, Editor
How extensively did the appliance industry remake itself in 2006?


Product Review

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