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Doc Chase has passed away

NEW LINK: Chicago Tribune just did a good bio on Dana Chase Jr.:,0,5596936.story

Hello all:  I was very sad to hear that Dana Chase Jr. – Doc – has passed away.

Doc’s dad started APPLIANCE magazine in 1944 and Doc joined in 1950. He was there the day I started as assistant editor in 1988 and he was still working at it until DCP sold the magazine to Canon in 2007.

Dana Chase Publications was a small, family run company. By the time you get to the third generation of any family run business there’s a lot of potential for the whole thing to get messed up. It’s a real testament to Doc and his wife Pat that their kids came in with the same professionalism and integrity and kept the business successful.

Doc knew the industry and everybody in the industry knew Doc. A lot of people will miss him.

Here’s a link to our obituary:

Tim Somheil, editor

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  1. Bob Neville says

    Tim, you are correct. DOC will be missed. I first met him in 1981, when I started working for what was then the Mallory Timers Company. He knew more about the appliance industry than anybody I ever met. And, he was a hell of a good salesman and published a quality magazine.

    Bob Neville
    NKD, Inc.
    Indianapolis, IN

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