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“Firm Confidence by Being with You All” – a New Approach for China Refrigeration 2009

The following post comes from the organizers of China Refrigeration 2009.

The memorable year 2008 is behind us. For the impact of what we have been experienced, we do not know and cannot predict what more it would exactly bring to us and how far it will go.

For the impact of what we have been experienced, we do not know and cannot predict what more it would exactly bring to us and how far it will go.

From economic crisis and global warming issues to energy consumption and worldwide security problems, 2008 forced us to think and re-think our past as well as our future. By facing these challenges, professionals from all over the world have dedicated themselves to positively making contributions to develop the best solutions. The year 2009 is a year in which that we must have new ideas, and a year in which change is essential and critical.

In 2009, China is standing at the crossroad. Together with the whole world, it is experiencing many crucial changes. The economic crisis had a severe impact to our substantial economy, and will definitely last for a certain period of time. How manufactures and enterprises realize and react is a core issue in the HVAC&R industry. Whether cutting cost or making positive moves, the key point will always be the rebuilding of our confidence.  We need to find new opportunities to help us emerged and change.

On April 5-7, the 20th International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage – China Refrigeration 2009 – will be held at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China. As one of the most significant expositions in the HVAC&R industry, the successful staging of this event will be meaningful under today’s particular circumstances.

After a series of talks with industry enterprises and experts, discussing and analyzing the current situation as well as future trends, it has been decided that the theme of China Refrigeration 2009 will be “Firm confidence by being with you all while facing crisis.”

China Refrigeration 2009 will put effort to improve its essential quality rather than to extend its scale.

China Refrigeration 2009 will put effort to make its services more approachable and practical by organizing more national and international buyer-delegations and providing exhibitors with more valuable add-on services.

By standing and thinking from exhibitors’ angle, the basic idea of change mainly focuses on 4 aspects-government, market, service and co-operation. More detailed measures are:

1. Facilitating co-operation, integrating resources, keep enhancing the exhibition influence.

2. Understanding the marketing strategy and real needs of enterprises towards economic crisis, establishing favorable policies to support them participating in our exhibition.

3. Combining with the expansion of domestic demand policy, collaborating with functional departments of the government, releasing supporting policies to help re-build the confidence of the industry.

4. Improving visitor service, setting up visitor service “400” hot line, accurately locating product buyers’ information.

5. Expanding into new international market, attracting more professional visitors all over the world to achieve international market diversification.

6. Launching a series of seminars and conferences during exhibition, developing multi-communications in different aspects of market and product technology.

7. Encouraging our exhibitors to exhibit under the concept of humanities exhibition, technology exhibition and eco-friendly exhibition.

Mentality determines outcome. In this unprecedented world financial crisis, China Refrigeration Expo will stay close to the entire industry and our exhibitors. We are so proud that we can have the opportunity to being with you all to overcome this challenge. More important, remember that we all must have firm confidence.

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