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June 2010
APPLIANCE Line - Apple Fashions Another Consumer Product Frenzy
Apple continues to create consumer products with the celebrity status of rock stars.

January 2010
APPLIANCE Line - A Realistic Recovery

 The numbers are finally starting to show an appliance recovery under way.

October 2009
Appliance Line - Improving the Package
An unsatisfactory product is worse than an annoying package.

September 2009
APPLIANCE Line - Far Out Concepts

Some finalists in Electrolux’s 2009 Design Lab competition push the boundaries of believability.

August 2009
APPLIANCE Line - Manufacturing Matters

 Manufacturing is vital, and the U.S. public knows it.

June 2009
APPLIANCE Line - Prices for Devices

Smart grids have the potential to create significant appliance energy use reductions, but standards have to come first.

May 2009
APPLIANCE Line - Changed by Recession

 Consumers are thinking about wellness, living green, and living within their means.

April 2009
Appliance Line - Focused on the Fridge

 It’s what’s not inside that counts when consumers try to be more food-efficient.

January 2009
Appliance Line - Hope for 2009

 After a year of disastrous economic news, the industry needs to set a positive course.

December 2008
Appliance Line - China Is Letting Its Brand Go Bad

If "Made in China" is stamped on the appliances you sell, then "Made in China," like it or not, is one of your brands.

November 2008
Appliance Line - The Enemy Is Uncertainty

There’s nothing worse than not knowing. But how do we look ahead from here?

October 2008
Appliance Line - Business in the Future Will Be Brutal
Standard industry practices will include public executions, exploitation of space-time wormholes, and open warfare with competitors.

September 2008
Appliance Line - Expanding Our Reach
APPLIANCE magazine is our flagship, but our content goes far beyond the printed page.

August 2008
Appliance Line - Going Grid-Free
How long until “alternative” home power becomes truly cost-justifiable?

July 2008
Appliance Line - Speaking with a Big Voice
AHRI has provided the HVAC/R industry with a more united voice much needed for a future likely to be steered by environmental fervor and global warming legislation.

June 2008
Appliance Line - Sustainability Is Just Getting Started
Meeting national standards looks easy compared to sustainability demands that could be coming from retailers.

May 2008
Appliance Line - Mass + Premium
The appliance industry is fine-tuning its approach to make the best of unpleasant circumstances.

April 2008
Appliance Line - Embracing Agility
Can OEMs accelerate time to market using software development strategies?

March 2008
Appliance Line - What Consumers Want at Home in 2008
Opportunities are there, and it helps to know what homebuyers are looking for.

February 2008
Appliance Line - Betamaxed
The tide has turned against HD DVD. Is it losing to an inferior format? Does it matter?

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