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December 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Technology Report - Miniature Magnetic Sensing

 A 3.7-mm-long magnetic reed switch—engineered to be the world’s smallest—has a narrow sensitivity range and is suited for applications with space constraints or low magnetic fields.

October 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Technology Report - Engineering a Cost-Saving Washer Tub

Shifting structural loads and changing to a different material grade result in a washer tub that is less expensive to produce.

September 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Technology Report - Integrated Connectivity

PLC transceiver modules save PCB space and cut time to market by providing embedded CE or networking applications with integrated HomePlug AV solutions.

June 2009
Appliance Engineer - Technology Report - Stealthy Pump

 A centrifugal pool and spa pump eliminates diffusers to reduce noise.

May 2009
Appliance Engineer - Technology Report - Enclosures Breathe Easy

Fire containment is achieved with a heat-responsive coating on honeycomb vent panels that have low airflow resistance under normal conditions.

April 2009
Appliance Engineer - Technology Report - Color Sensing Made Easy

 A color sensor kit helps design engineers easily identify colors beyond the human visual spectrum.

February 2009
Technology Report - Making a Tight Connection

 Engineers looking to save space can turn to an FPC connector that offers reduced pitch, width, and depth.

December 2008
Appliance Engineer-Commercial Food Service Equipment - Creating the Perfect Technology Blend

Engineers at smoothie machine manufacturer Enodis have developed an integrated foodservice solution that overcomes current technology limitations.

December 2008
Appliance Enginer-Technology Report - Low-Cost Resistance

 A new series of rocker switches offers appliance engineers water resistance at an affordable cost.

November 2008
Appliance Engineer - Technology Report - Relieving Design Pressure

 A new compact pressure transducer saves engineers valuable design real estate while ensuring accuracy

October 2008
Technology Report - Portable Processing Power
High-performance processors and patented battery technology let device designers achieve functionality, low power, and efficiency in a single-board solution.

October 2008
Manufacturing Technology - The Rise of Rapid Manufacturing
Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is making strides in repeatability and accuracy, while eliminating tooling and machining costs.

September 2008
Technology Report - Smart Valve
Sensing technology enables a new valve to remove unwanted water by-products from compressed-air systems.

August 2008
Technology Report - Miniature Modems
A new embedded modem offers engineers small size without compromising performance.

August 2008
Manufacturing Technology - Filling the Gap
A new industrial screwdriver gives production engineers the affordability of mechanical tooling with the flexibility of electronic tooling.

July 2008
Technology Report - Making Next-Generation Displays
A unique extrusion coating technology is making flexible active-matrix display technology accessible for appliance and consumer electronics engineers.

June 2008
Technology Report - Sensing a Change
New concepts for combining MEMS and ASIC technology may create smaller, smarter, and lower-cost sensing devices suitable for large-volume production.

April 2008
Technology Report - Joint Power
Two technologies team up to give appliance engineers power handling capability in a small form factor.

March 2008
Technology Report - Hot Discovery
In the midst of research, engineers uncovered a phenomenon that is now being used to create a whole new category of integrated circuits (ICs).

February 2008
Technology Report - On a Roll
Flex capacitive touch sensors in a new roll configuration provide production and design flexibility.

January 2008
Technology Report - Cool Compressor Efficiency
New reciprocating compressors for R-404A and R-507 are engineered for improved EER and lower sound levels.

December 2007
Technology Report - Versatile Wire Termination
A new connector reliably connects different conductor types together in a common unit.

November 2007
Technology Report - Real-World Design
Appliance engineers can achieve more-realistic simulation thanks to a new software platform that offers fluid-structure interaction (FSI) technology.

October 2007
Technology Report - Flexible Flow Control
Boasting small size and reliable performance, a new adjustable pressure-compensated control valve is said to be the only one of its kind.

September 2007
Technology Report - Low-Cost Panel Platform
Appliance designers can add display features at a low cost with a new microcontroller (MCU) that can directly drive TFT-LCD panels without using an external controller.

August 2007
Technology Report - Cost-Sensitive Sensors
A new family of load cells allows designers to use direct-force measurement in many OEM applications where the technology had previously been too expensive.

July 2007
Technology Report - Technology Fusion
For the first time, consumer electronics (CE) engineers can use both types of NAND flash memory in a single device.

June 2007
Technology Report - Flaunting Efficiency
Boiler manufacturers can add value to their products by using LCD technology to confirm their appliances’ efficiency features.

May 2007
Technology Report - Next-Generation Display Technology
Advanced laser technology is said to help consumer electronic manufacturers create brighter displays with crisper images and lower power consumption.

April 2007
Technology Report - Noise Absorber
A new electromagnetic Immunity (EMI) absorber is said to cost-effectively suppress noise in consumer electronics and business appliances.

March 2007
Technology Report - Advanced Communication
An advanced single integrated circuit (IC) is said to bring Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities to electronic devices—and the mass market.

February 2007
Technology Report - On High Alert
A new audio transducer allows engineers to obtain a higher dB level in appliance applications with alarm functions.

January 2007
Technology Report - All-in-One Connector
A single-platform connector from Onanon (Milpitas, California, U.S.) is said to provide a precise blend of power and signal, while significantly freeing up real estate to add functionality to electronic devices.

December 2006
Technology Report - A Wireless Combination
Said to be an industry first, a mini card allows notebook PCs to use both Bluetooth and Certified Wireless USB (CWUSB) technologies simultaneously.

November 2006
Technology Report - Fueling System Efficiency

Electronic fuel injection technology (efi) is not just for automobiles anymore.  It is now used in gas appliances such as furnaces, boilers and water heaters to increase system efficiency.

October 2006
Technology Report - Connectivity Made Easy
A new family of 8-bit microcontrollers features a built-in Ethernet controller, enabling designers to easily add connectivity to a range of applications.

September 2006
Technology Report - Safety Sensor
Bringing added safety to household dryers, a new pressure switch notifies end users of blockage issues and helps maintain appliance efficiency.

August 2006
Technology Report - Pure Technology
Designed for air-purification systems, a photocatalytic substrate combines the key properties of low pressure drop, high oxidation rates and UV light transmission.

July 2006
Technology Report - Front-End Digital TV Solution
A consumer electronics OEM enters the components marketplace with a front-end technology solution for digital TV and set-top box engineers.

June 2006
Technology Report - CO2 Sensor
An IR-based CO2 transmitter module is said to offer engineers a low-cost, reliable gas sensing solution for kitchen fans, air cleaners, ranges, and other appliances.

May 2006
Technology Report - Sensitive Sensors
Three highly sensitive accelerometers offer appliance engineers design flexibility and enhanced functionality for a range of appliance applications.

April 2006
Technology Report - High-Speed Memory Modules
Catering to the booming gaming console market, a new line of memory modules is said to help boost speed and improve overall system performance.

February 2006
Engineering: Technology Report - Wire-to-Wire Connector System
A new modular connector system is said to be the first to offer multi-module housings for white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, heating units, and ventilators.

January 2006
Technology Report - RoHS-Compliance Testers
Two new measurement devices use X-ray fluorescence to confirm that appliance components are compliant with upcoming European legislation.

December 2005
Technology Report - Vibration and Noise Analysis Tools
New tools for panel contribution and vibration mode analysis technology are designed to provide insight into sound radiation and transmission paths.

November 2005
Technology Report - Miniature Digital Microphones
Sonion A/S recently launched one of the smallest digital microphones, the DigiSiMic™, for cell phones, headsets, digital cameras and camcorders, laptops, and PDAs.

October 2005
Technology Report - DC-AC Inverters
Endicott Research Group is offering a family of DC-AC inverters that feature a vacuum-encapsulated design to ensure cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) ignition.

August 2005
Technology Report - High-Temperature Thermostat
A patented thermostat is said to provide a simple, more reliable switching mechanism for high-temperature applications, displacing sensor/relay combinations and, thus, saving cost.

June 2005
Technology Report - Non-Inductive Resistors
IRC Inc. of Boone, NC, U.S. has developed the NT Series of wirewound resistors to provide design engineers with a non-inductive power resistor capable of withstanding repetitive high energy pulses.

April 2005
Technology Report - Natural Color Matrix LCDs
A new series of TFT LCD modules from Optrex America (Plymouth, MI, U.S.) uses Natural Color Matrix (NCM) technology for truly accurate color representation, optimum color balance, and superior image quality.

March 2005
Technology Report - Sensor-to-Network Smart Interface
The company’s remote system Network Enabled Equipment Monitors (NEEMs) are said to take the place of multiple sensor devices, transforming conventional sensors into “smart sensors.”

February 2005
Technology Report - High-Voltage Ignition Coils
A new series of high-voltage coils from Perllo Technologies LLC and ECM Electronics Limited is said to offer oven, boiler, and furnace manufacturers a reliable, low-cost solution.

December 2004
Technology Report - Digital Control ICs
Two digital control ICs from International Rectifier are said to revolutionize the task of configuring motion control algorithms for different types of permanent magnet or a.c. induction motors and their position feedback devices.

November 2004
Technology Report - Programmable System on a Chip
Cypress MicroSystems of Lynnwood, WA, U.S. has developed a Programmable System on a Chip (PSoC) that is said to significantly reduce the number of components on a printed circuit board (PCB) and shorten the product development cycle.

October 2004
Technology Report - Tube Axial Fan
Part of the company’s multi-line family of axial, centrifugal, and mixed flow in-line fans, Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.’s AID Tube Axial Fan is said to offer performance and efficiency within a single unit.

September 2004
Technology Report - Conversion Color Technology
Israel-based Genoa Color Technologies has taken the television color gamut, traditionally consisting of red, green, and blue (RGB), and expanded it to reflect a wider range of colors without compromising brightness.

August 2004
Nanoclay-Based Compounds - Technology Report
The new Maxxam(R) LST compounds from PolyOne Corporation (Avon Lake, OH, U.S.) use nanoclay technology to reportedly offer a combination of strength, durability, and dimensional stability.

July 2004
Technology Report - Touch Sensor Control
A new touch control platform from SCHOTT North America Inc.’s White Goods Electronics division reportedly allows manufacturers to integrate aesthetics and advanced technology into their surface-cooking appliances.

June 2004
Technology Report - Connection Device for Fluid and Air Lines
A new quick-disconnect twin tube coupling reportedly allows two tubing connections to be made at one time in a compact device, while its two separate lines protect against mixing of fluids or crossing of lines.

May 2004
Technology Report - Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes
A team of researchers at the University of Maryland have found the highest mobility of any known material at room temperature, a discovery which may hold promise for replacing conventional semiconductor materials.

January 2004
Technology Report - Double-Coated Bonding Material
FLEXcon (Spencer, MA, U.S.) has introduced SWITCHmark® LX 3-1-2, a new double-coated bonding material said to be ideal for consumer electronics and medical equipment applications.

December 2003
Technology Report - Polyurethane Foam System
Foam Supplies, Inc. (St. Louis, MO, U.S.) has developed a new family of rigid polyurethane systems that utilizes an alternative blowing agent.

November 2003
Technology Report - Platable Compounds
Cybershield, Inc. is using platable compounds from RTP Company to provide custom-engineered solutions for the electronics industry.

October 2003
Technology Report - Single-Chip ADSL Router for Home Networking
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has introduced a fully integrated ADSL access router-on-a-chip that is said to provide enhanced home networking for next-generation devices.

July 2003
Technology Report - Magnetic Water Treatment Device
A magnetic water treatment device from Eco Crystal Private Ltd. (Bangalore, India) is said to keep washing machine tubs scale-free while reducing energy and detergent consumption.

June 2003
Technology Report - Connector System
STOCKO Corp., a member of the Wieland Group, has introduced a connector system suited to mate with interconnections of electric kitchen hobs.

May 2003
Technology Report - Flexible Surface Heating Technology
Thermion(R) heating elements from Thermion Systems International are based on a high-performance surface heating technology that has just been introduced to the consumer products market.

April 2003
Technology Report - Flash Memory Cards with Wi-Fi Connectivity
SanDisk Corporation (Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.) has introduced a line of wireless Wi-Fi (802.11b) cards that are said to be the world's first to include both memory and wireless communications technology.

March 2003
Technology Report - Low-Profile SMT Shield Lock Connector
A new family of SMT one-piece shield lock connectors from AVX Corporation is said to be specifically designed to meet the miniaturization standards of the portable equipment marketplace.

February 2003
Technology Report - Integrated ARM9®-based Gateway Solution
Micrel Semiconductor offers the KS8695 chip and reference design package, reportedly one of the industry's most integrated high-performance home office gateway solutions.

January 2003
Technology Report - Full-Color Image Sensor for Digital Cameras
Foveon Inc. offers the Foveon¨ X3ª image sensor, which is said to represent a breakthrough in digital photography by bringing significant advantages over other CCD and CMOS image sensors.

October 2002
Engineering: Carbon Fiber - Carbon Fiber Electrical Connectors
Xerox Corporation developed a way to make carbon fiber into connectors that can conduct electricity just like a traditional metal connector, but are said to be more reliable, less costly to produce, and able to withstand harsh environments.


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